Grayson Elliot: 11 Months

by Lauren on August 26, 2015

My Little Love,

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Wow, how are we here?  Just one month left in your “baby” era and then I’ll have myself a toddler.  But not just any toddler, an eccentric, energetic, and fearless toddler who is ready to charge through life without stopping. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, I still have this one last month and you better believe I’m cherishing every single moment of it.

Can I just tell you that these past 11 months have truly been the best of MY life.  Every month gets better than the last, and I can sit back and remember all of the wonderful milestones you’ve reached and where you are at now.  It blows my mind! I think I had the biggest, “holy moly” moment when you met your baby cousin Everett for the first time and I realized how much you have grown.  You’re not even a year older than him, but you are three times his size and just SO much different than a newborn.

Let’s talk about what you’ve learned this past month.

You started saying, “Mama,” but you actually understand the context now.  Sometimes, you’ll just sing “ma ma ma” all day long and my heart explodes. You also love to cry, “Maaaaaa Maaaaa!” when you need me and I can’t help but to come running to pick you up and kiss you all over then.  You are still my baby after all.

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You also learned how to clap and wave.  They are now your two favorite things to do and you will aimlessly wave at just about anyone you see.

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You also learned some sign language.  Well, kind of.  I’ve been trying to teach you some sign language since you were just a little tot, and you finally picked up a word…milk! It’s funny because I think I only showed you that one once or twice and you use the milk sign for whenever you want food or more food, not necessarily milk.  Whenever you want to nurse, you just come right up to me, pull down my shirt and dig your head between my chest.  It’s kind of hilarious now, but I’m sure you will hate hearing that when you are older.

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Grayson, your little voice is becoming quite BIG.  You love to babble and you do it loud and proud.  You also love to smack your hands down on anything, especially your high chair tray when there is lots of food on it.  You’ve become quite good at making a mess these days, so naturally, bath time has become a necessity every night.

You continue to be my champion eater, eating any and everything! You have a big appetite but you eat so many healthy things.  You love vegetables, you love fruits, you love tempeh, you love salmon, you love kale smoothies, you love eggs, you love coconut oil on your toast. You really just love anything I give you and I love giving you all kinds of new foods to try.  It’s so nice that you basically just eat whatever we eat and you have not once complained. Keep it up kid!

You weigh 20 pounds and it’s a nice solid 20 pounds.  You can still fit into 9 month clothes but barely.  Even though you aren’t walking yet, you crawl as fast as you can and figure out ways to move around by hanging on to things.  Your new favorite toy is the walker we bought you.  You now just crawl up to it and start moving!


Oh my sweetheart you gave your mommy and daddy the BIGGEST scare last month.  I wrote all about it here, but you had your first trip to the ER and ambulance ride.  Thank goodness you were OK but it was very scary for you and for us.

Grayson I can’t even explain in words how much I love you.  You are truly my best friend and I absolutely love spending every single day with you.  Each day is a new adventure and you make living life so worthwhile.  Even simple tasks like going to the grocery store is a complete blast with you.  You bring me more laughter, joy, and complete love than I ever realized I could have and the older you get, the more it grows.

And even though this is the last month in your baby era, you will always and forever be my baby!


Your Mom



The Day By The Hour

by Lauren on August 25, 2015


This week is moving right along isn’t it? Actually, being the last week of August, I’m trying to hold on to every second of each day knowing that summer is nearing an end. Even though I know September 1st isn’t technically fall, I just feel like once August ends, summer is automatically over.  Sad!

Anyways, today was a rather usual day so I thought it would be fun to document what our days look like, hour-by-hour.

Here we go.

6:00am – Grayson wakes up.  John gets him and takes him downstairs while I hop in the shower.

7:00am- Breakfast time!



I give Grayson a banana and some nectarine while I put together the rest of our meals.



We each had yogurt.  My bowl had 1/2 a nectarine, raspberries, granola, chia and sunflower seed butter. Oh and I only use full fat yogurt anymore.  It’s a total game changer, trust me, try it!



Grayson had yogurt mixed with peanut butter and chia.



He decided it was a good idea to give himself a yogurt facial towards the end.

8:00am- We go upstairs to get dressed and I realize he had a MAJOR poop explosion.  Thankfully, he hasn’t had too many explosions but this one was one of the worst.  Coupled with the yogurt mess, I had to throw him in the bathtub.  Ugh, now we are running late!

9:00am- After getting out of the door by 8:15am and driving around for a bit so Grayson could take a little nap, we arrive at the gym.



I usually have my Mommy Boot Camp Class on Tuesdays, but we are taking a break this week because I am transitioning to a different timeframe for the class starting next week.  I took the opportunity to get a little work done and got in a quick workout myself.

10:30am- Grayson and I leave the gym and head over to Target. On the way, I eat an energy ball and give one to Grayson as well.



I should definitely share the recipe of these with you guys.  They are some of the better ones I’ve made.

11:30am – We leave Target but I simply can’t pass up an iced coffee on the way out.  Ugh, it gets me every single time!



12:00pm- Once home, I get working on lunch for us right away in hopes that I can feed Grayson quickly and get him down for a nap.



Lunch was two soft-boiled eggs, sautéed spinach in coconut oil, a slice of sourdough with coconut oil and cucumber.



Grayson had a similar lunch, just bite-sized.

1:00pm – I attempt to put Grayson down for a nap so I can shower and get ready for my afternoon meeting, but he protested.



Which meant this mama was going out in her workout clothes and shower-less, all day long.

2:00pm- I drop Grayson off at my mom’s house and head in to work. (oh and of course he fell asleep the second we get into the car. Typical!)

4:30pm- I pick up Grayson from Nan Nan’s where he was happily playing.  We come home and play until dinner time.

6:00pm – We usually eat dinner together as a family, but John had a work event tonight and I wasn’t super hungry yet (I ate an un-pictured KIND bar at my work meeting) so Grayson ate solo.



He’s way more into playing with his food these days.  See the rice confetti?  The vacuum comes out these days.

6:30pm- Grayson gets bath number 2 for the day.  Funny, kid gets 2 baths and I can’t even snag one!

7:00pm- Grayson was READY for bed so I nursed him and laid him down.

7:30pm – Dinner for me!



Buried underneath all of that roasted broccoli was a sweet potato with sautéed spinach, avocado and yogurt.

Now at the current moment, I’m working on a few work projects and typing this post.  I’ll probably grab a snack before bed since dinner was on the lighter side.

And that was our day.  Tomorrow we have something super fun planned so I better get back to work now so I can enjoy the afternoon tomorrow.

Bye for now!




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