Body After Baby: An Honest Post

by Lauren on October 29, 2014

Hey guys,

I have been sitting on whether or not to write this post for a few days now, but after reading my dear friend Janetha’s post today, it gave me the added courage I needed to come forward about how I’m really doing with the whole body after baby thing. By the way, if you haven’t read her post yet, definitely do so.  I love how real and truthfully raw that girl is and I honestly look up to her for it.

Okay, so let’s have an honest conversation for a second.  Having a baby is truly the most wonderful thing that life has to offer, or at least in my case it is.  I see Grayson as a beautiful gift from God and thank Him every single day for blessing me with the beautiful task of being his mom.  Having a baby also endures a huge change in your life, emotionally and of course physically.  When I was pregnant, I looked at my health in an entirely different way.  I wanted to be the healthiest I could be so that my baby would benefit way more than I would.  I did what felt right in regards to working out and tried to eat well but also added in a lot of treats and things I normally wouldn’t eat.  I knew I would gain weight and that was all good!  But after the delivery (and after the initial hormone-high wore off), I started to second guess my body and if it would ever get back to where it once was.  I spent time comparing myself to other bloggers who were new moms and seeing what was “normal” in terms of weight loss after their deliveries.  Honestly, this all didn’t start to consume me until last week when I saw my weight for the first time post-birth.

I went into my doctor’s appointment confident, thinking that seeing that number would not bother me at all.  I even estimated a certain number in my head, thinking this was how much I had lost in 4 weeks.  Well when I stepped on the scale and saw that I had only lost about half of it, it did throw me for a loop.  I had never seen that number before in terms of my weight (other than when I had a baby in my belly) and it bothered me.  I walked away feeling bad that it bothered me, but with a sudden determination to get rid of the excess weight and fast.  I craved getting back into an exercise routine and obtaining flat abs once again.

It gets worse.  When I got home, I decided to try on a bunch of my pre-pregnancy jeans to see how much further I had to go.  Well, I should have never done that because lets just say I couldn’t get any of them past my thighs.  I then started to think, “What if I never fit back into these jeans and what if I have to buy all new clothes?”  To be honest, these designer jeans were a little tight even before I got pregnant so I really don’t know why I was so surprised that they wouldn’t even reach my waist.

I started to feel bad about myself and started to compare.  I even included pictures of my “flat” abs in a post that was clearly supposed to be all about my beautiful baby, which I’ve since taken down. This all lasted a few days before I recognized the bad behavior and opened up about it all to John.  I was completely honest and told him that I was feeling bad about myself for not loosing all of the baby weight by now.  He told me he could tell but then asked me what was truly important to be identified as right now.  I told him, first and foremost, I want to be the best mom I can be.  He then proceeded to ask me if obsessing over an unrealistic and unnecessary thing was fulfilling that.  Wow, how true!  Spending the moments thinking about myself and the way I looked was taking away from my focus on being an incredible mother to my son.

Now we all go through little ups and downs with our appearance and I do believe it’s entirely normal.  But when your negative thoughts take away from something important in your life, then I believe that in unhealthy behavior.  The more I thought about it and again, after re-reading Janetha’s post, I realized the whole “Body After Baby” thing really does piss me off and it pissed me off even more that I felt the need to participate.  I was comparing myself to those posts but I was also a victim of composing them.  Really, who the hell cares how flat my abs look a month after having a baby other than me?

The truth is, the massive changes that your body endures during and after pregnancy is not always easy.  Yes, a growing belly is a beautiful thing, but it can also be hard to see yourself in a completely different way.  After I had Grayson, I wasn’t sure what my body would look like and there are still moments where I look in the mirror and wish I didn’t have the extra flab, but all I have to do is take one look at him and instantly feel so much better about myself.  I created life and gave birth, which is the most physically demanding thing any body can do.  HE is what is most important to me, not fitting back into those jeans.  And you know what, I may never fit back into those jeans, but really, who cares?  I want to stop the comparisons and start standing up for every single strong woman who sacrifices her body in order to instill life into another.

So I promise that there will be no more “before and after” pictures or photos showing my progress.  Will I stop working out? Probably not, but my reasons for working out will only contribute to the overall goal of being the best mom I can be.  To be strong, to be healthy, and to enjoy it.  My baby is 5 weeks old and I truly don’t want to miss a single moment of this precious time.  The extra pounds will come off eventually, or maybe not.  Really, the only opinion of me right now that actually matters is my child so instead of posting pictures of my body after baby, I’m only going to post pictures of my life with my baby.  That is what is truly beautiful and what I want to remember.

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Another Day in the Life

by Lauren on October 27, 2014

After a month of craziness and adjusting to life with a newborn, I think we are finally starting to get more into a routine here.  Don’t get me wrong, things are still crazy, but now that I’m getting to understand Grayson and he is starting to acclimate himself to life outside the womb, things are getting easier.

John’s schedule is finally starting to see some normalcy now that his store has opened.  Speaking of, look at how amazing the produce section is!

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Wegmans really is incredible!  In my opinion, it blows Whole Foods out of the water, but I’m a little biased.


So here is how today went….

4:15 am – I hear the little guy crying.  I roll over and look at my clock and see it’s only 4:15 am.  Crap!  Grayson has been sleeping so well and only waking up once, usually around 2:00am and then sleeping until 5:30 am  or 6:00 am.  Last night, he was up at midnight and I knew he would be waking up again before he usually does.  I decided 4:15 am was way too early for us to start our day, so I nursed him in bed and he went back to sleep right away.  Perfect!

6:30 am – I hear G stirring.  He was still half asleep but I knew he’d be getting up any minute.  I went to the bathroom, got a cup of coffee, drank some water and got ready to feed him.  He awoke a few minutes later and was hungry!  Good thing I was prepared.

7:30 am – G was fed and happy.  I finished my coffee and decided to make myself breakfast.

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This is taking over as my favorite breakfast lately.  Two eggs cooked in coconut oil, an English muffin and a glass of OJ.

8:30am – Grayson falls asleep but I know he’ll be up again shortly to eat.  I pump a bottle and hand him over to John so I can head to the gym for a quick workout.

9:00 am – I get in a jog on the treadmill.

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I walked the rest to finish a solid 3 miles and then finished up with some light weights.

10:00 am – I return home to see G and his daddy pretty comfortable so I hop in the shower.

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10:30 am – Time to feed Grayson again.  He eats and goes right back to sleep.  We’ve been trying to do a few naps a day in his crib so he gets used to it.  I’m hoping to transition him to the crib at night soon but want to slowly introduce it during the day.  He did two solid naps in there today!  Success!

11:00 am – Time for second breakfast.  I eat a cup of oatmeal and a banana with some almond butter.

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11:30 am – I get some work done while G continues to nap.

12:30 pm – My hungry little guy wakes and is ready to eat again.  I nurse him while John does some housework.

1:00 pm – Time for my lunch!  I heat up a leftover quinoa dish I made the other day.  It was simple quinoa with butternut squash, dried cherries and pecans.  I serve it over spinach and add some goat cheese on top.

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2:00 pm – John leaves for work and I get Grayson ready to go for a walk.  We decided to hit up downtown Salem for a change of scenery.

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I figured it wouldn’t be very crowded on a Monday afternoon and fortunately, I was right.  There is quite a bit going on in Salem the last week of October.

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It’s like one big Halloween carnival.

Grayson slept through it all in his absolute favorite place to sleep.

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3:30 pm – We arrive home and G is hungry again. I feed him and change him…twice.

4:00 pm – G is in a great mood so we play for a bit.  I absolutely love seeing him develop.  He is starting to smile and really interact with me.

5:30 pm – Dinner time for G-man.

6:00 pm – He finishes and falls asleep so I decide I’d better start on my own dinner.

6:30 pm – Time for me to eat.  I have chicken and broccoli, simple but delicious!

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7:00 pm – G wakes up in an AWFUL mood.  This is always his worst time – the hour or so before his bath.  I try soothing him for awhile with a pacifier and some singing.  He wasn’t having it.

7:30 pm – He finally calms down and I continue to write this post, one handed, with a little one in my lap.

8:00 pm – Bath time, yay! G gets his bath and ready for bed.

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8:30 pm- Grayson gets his last feeding before  I put him down for what I hope will be a long night.

9:00 pm – I grab a snack and head to bed.

And that’s our day.  Hope you guys had a good one!


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