Grayson Elliot: 4 Months

by Lauren on January 27, 2015

Just a few days late on this, but better late than never.  Our little man turned 4 months old on Sunday, and has been changing in big ways!  Here is my latest letter to my little darling.

Gray 4 mo

Dear Little,

You are 4 months old!  This past month brought so many wonderful changes in your little life, along with a few not so fun changes that we are still adjusting to.  Let’s start with the good.

You started to see beyond the blur of what things must have looked like for you up until now.  You recognize faces, especially me and your daddy’s, and you love to smile at us every time we say hello.  Your smile makes our heart melt and will instantly make our days.  If you only knew how infectious that little face of yours is.  Oh you also started to laugh, okay more like giggle, but it is still the most amazing sound to your mommy’s ears.

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You are growing so so well!  You are still on the smaller side for your weight but you surprised us both by ranking in the 59% for your height.  Your daddy and I think you will be the tall one in our short family.

You are trying so hard to move, it actually kind of worries me that you’ll be ready before I am.  The doctor even commented how strong you are for your age and he seems to think you’ll be on the go in no time.  You like to be on your tummy at first, but you try so hard to move forward once your there that you become super frustrated when you can’t and then start to cry.  It happens every single time.



You also found your tongue this past month and for a good two weeks, you thought it was the coolest thing to stick it out at everyone you saw.  It’s okay, it was really cute.



You LOVE to put things in your mouth, especially your hands.  You also mastered the thumb sucking but most of the time, you’d rather try and stuff your entire fist in that little mouth of yours.


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You are very much into gripping, pulling, grabbing, and pinching, especially mommy.  Your little motor skills are developing so well, so I take each pinch as a sign that you are growing well, even if it does make me say, “OW!!” Like I said, you’re pretty cute so you still get away with it.

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You LOVE to stand!  Seriously, I don’t think you ever want to sit.  Those little strong legs of your are always erect and you love it when daddy holds you straight up for long periods of time.

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You also started talking more and more in your own little language.  Sometimes it’s cute little coos, but most of the time, it’s an in-between cry and moan.  I know you’re trying to tell us something, but if we only knew.

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Everyone always asks us if you are always such a happy baby and we always reply, “of course!” when we secretly shake our heads.  For the most part, you are one joyful little boy, but with your abundant joy also comes a very very strong willed little man.  When you want something, you let us know and you don’t stop until we give in.  I only think of what my life will be like when you turn two. We will cross that bridge when we get there though.

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You are more curious, interested, and aware in the world around you, but you are also very attached to your mommy and daddy right now.  You LOVE to be held to the point where you will cry and cry if we put you down.  As long as one of us is holding you, you are happy as pie.

Okay, let’s talk about some of the not so fun things…..

Sleep or lack there of!  Well, you’re not a bad sleeper, but you all of a sudden started to hate to fall asleep.  I know it’s normal and we knew it was coming at this time, but you will fight going down for a nap or at night tooth and nail.  Your daddy and I are trying some new tricks, but most of the time, we need to stay with you until you fall asleep, which is sometimes a very long time.  It’s okay, we don’t mind.  Even though you don’t like sleep as much, you will sleep FOREVER on one of us.  Again, we both secretly love it because I know you won’t want to sleep on me for very long.

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As your little lungs get stronger, so does your cries.  Back to your strong willed personality, you certainly know how to get your way.  Those screams of yours are certainly not because you are in any pain or discomfort, they are purely because you want something and we won’t give it to you that very second.  Most of the time, it’s mommy’s boob.

Speaking of eating, you are such a pro!  We are exclusively nursing and you very much prefer this over bottles.  When you do get a bottle, you scream and scream when it’s over.  You definitely like to be the one to decide when you are done eating, which is why nursing works better for you.  We will start solids soon and just started practicing with some cereal, but for now, we will stick to the boob.


Oh Grayson, you are such an amazing little boy.  Our love for you grows and grows and just won’t stop.  I don’t think it ever will.  Your daddy and I want to you know that you will always feel safe, supported and loved in our home, and we continue to work on being the best parents we can be.  You make us better people and you especially make me more happy and fulfilled than I even knew was possible.  This month is going to be so much fun and I can’t wait to see what you surprise us with.

I love you little man!



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The Weekend Rundown

by Lauren on January 25, 2015

It was a nice little weekend in our neck of the woods!

I will say this over and over I’m sure, but being around family, especially with a baby, is priceless.  We are really starting to feel more “at home” here, and having my family around definitely makes everything so much easier.  I’m surprised at how little it took me to get acclimated back to my hometown.  It honestly doesn’t even feel like I ever moved, just maybe went on a long vacation.  Regardless, our family is doing great and I know will thrive here, which is really the whole reason why we decided to move back.

Now, let’s get back to this past weekend.

My mom came over Friday afternoon and went with me to a hair appointment so she could entertain Grayson while I caught up with my amazing hair stylist.  It’s kind of how much I’ve missed her, but when you find that stylist that you’ve been with for over ten years, you NEVER want to leave them.


After my appointment, we grabbed some sushi from Wegmans and headed home to put G to bed and watch Gone Girl.



I really liked the movie!  I wasn’t sure how it would match up with the book, but I think they did a good job at depicting it all.  Plus, Ben Affleck was the perfect cast for the role of Nick Dunne.  Anyways, there are some differences (the end is a little off) but for the most part, it’s good.

Saturday morning, we woke up to some snow.  Not nearly as much as they made it out to be though.  John actually got a kick out of the way people freak out over a few inches of snow accumulation here.  Being from New England, he is used to a few feet of snow at a time, so when he heard 3 inches and saw people stocking up on canned goods like it was the zombie apocalypse, he laughed it off.   Touche!

Anyways, after realizing that it wasn’t nearly as bad as everyone talked it up to be (like it normally is here), I headed to the gym and taught my first RPM class since coming home.  It was pretty awesome teaching again!  I even made sure to have my favorite pre-spin breakfast to fuel me.



Ezekiel English muffin with sun butter, banana, and chia seeds.

After class, I got home and John, me and the babe ran some errands, including a grocery shopping trip at Wegmans, of course.  As we were sitting down to eat lunch in the cafe, we ran into two of our favorite people.



My dad and my sister were also doing some shopping at Wegmans.  Love small town life!

I got myself a beautiful little creation at the salad bar.


I can’t even tell you what was in this but everything was outstanding!  FYI: the herb baked tofu at Wegmans is out of this world good!

We got back from a leisurely day of running errands and were all about just staying in and hanging out for the rest of the night. John and I were both feeling sushi (again) so we ordered from one of my favorite sushi places ever, Fusion Fire.  You may remember when I organized a blogger meet-up there a few years ago.



Ah, love having this place back in our sushi radar!

A Saturday night in with wine and sushi is ideal in our life at the moment.

Today, we were up early (not by our choice naturally) and had a nice family breakfast of eggs, toast, and fruit.



G practiced his crawling after breakfast.  Actually, I think he was more trying to fly than crawl.  Ay, I’m in for it for sure the moment he actually figures out how to move on his own.


We did a little more errand running after church (we are looking for a few things for the new house) and grabbed some wraps on the way home for lunch.  Later on, we had some friends over for dinner and I made a killer butternut squash and goat cheese lasagna that of course, I didn’t photograph because I’m incredibly lame.  Ugh, I’m thinking of snapping a picture of the leftovers (which isn’t much because everyone had seconds) and posting the recipe because I think you guys need to have this one, even if the photo to go with it is a little sloppy.   We washed down the lasagna with sides of salad, garlic bread and red wine and finished it all up with a delicious carrot cake that my friend brought.  Such a tasty and wonderful night!

And that is that.  Tomorrow we are supposed to be getting more snow but not nearly as much as the rest of the east coast (bless you poor people getting a crazy blizzard this week), but enough to make everyone scared enough stay inside all day and shut down the town.  I’m actually looking forward to having a reason not to go anywhere tomorrow.  John has off so it will be a nice day inside with the family with nothing to do and I’m totally welcoming that.

Hope you all had a good one!



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