A Day In Our Lives

by Lauren on May 18, 2016

Grayson is almost 20 months old (crazy), and as routine as I attempt to keep our days, he is changing so fast that I notice little things unfolding before my eyes.  For example, I use to have to carry his butt everywhere!  Sure he started walking at 11 months, but you just don’t trust an 11 month old to hold your hand through the parking lot.  And plus, it was just a million times faster to carry him.  Well now, I’ve been giving him more freedom with walking.  We practice listening by hearing mommy say, “wait” when he gets to a door or stairs.  He knows to hold my hand (for the most part) in parking lots and in crowded areas, and he is loving the newfound freedom.  I’m loving the fact that I can give my arms a little rest, but it does make me realize my baby is growing up fast. 

Anyways, days for us have been way more boring than normal, and I’m blaming a lot of that on all of the cloudy, cool and damp weather we’ve had this month. 

We always start our day by 6am.  Grayson’s internal body clock is programmed for this time, which is early but works very well in our schedule. 

We change his diaper, head downstairs and he gets his first (of three usually) bowls of Kamut with almond milk…and a big spoon. 


He’s also munching on a banana with peanut butter and probably some leftover smoothie from the night before. 

John comes downstairs, makes us coffee and I make a quick sprouted grain English muffin with sunflower seed butter, banana slices (other half of G’s) and hemp seeds. 


Eaten while checking emails and chugging water. 

John makes his breakfast and always makes enough for two so he and Grayson can sit together (on the kitchen floor) and eat together.  It’s the cutest thing and I hope it never stops. 

I was teaching an early class so as soon as we were done eating, we cleaned up and moved upstairs to get dressed. 

We arrive at the gym by 7:45am.  I get the room setup while my sidekick does high kicks on stage. 


At 8am, I drop him off at Kids Club and I teach my 45 min full-body circuit class. 

After that’s done, I chug water and head into my next class, a TRX/Spin Fusion class.  Thursdays are always a big teaching day for me with back-to-back classes, but they go by so quick. 

Once my second class is over, I quickly shower and dry my hair and get the little bug from his play.  We are out the door and driving him so G can nap. 

Grayson has been napping once a day, usually from 11am-12pm. He has NEVER been a great napper and I envy people who say their toddlers nap for 3-4 hours each day. Not mine!  He has only ever done that in his life if he’s not feeling well.  Oh well, ain’t nobody got time for naps! 

Once he wakes, lunch is waiting for him. 


Leftover homemade veggie burgers, sweet potato fries, a tomato feta finger salad, and some pineapple. I also whip him up a veggie and fruit based smoothie, which he inhales thankfully since he didn’t touch the burger or fruit.  Oh well, I’m still counting it as a win. 

I ate some leftover salad that had chicken, dried cherries, goat cheese, radish, and arugula and I added faro, tomatoes, cucumber and feta.  Delicious! 


After lunch, our sitter usually arrives and plays with Grayson for a few hours so I can focus on work.  It’s been a Godsend to have her! 

At 4pm, I close my laptop and come downstairs to play with my bug. 


We are both hungry so G gnaws on an apple and I make myself a little snack obsession….


Brown rice cake with sunflower seed butter, cacao nibs, and Himalayan sea sat. Hits the spot every time. 

John gets home and I get right to dinner. 


I made sweet potato crust pizza with a beet pesto, crispy kale and goat cheese.  This is one of our favorite pizzas and even the boys love it, they always end up going for seconds or thirds.  

After dinner, John takes G up for his bath while I clean up and sip some much needed wine. 


Dessert was a few homemade chocolates I made that turned out decent, but I’m still perfecting the recipe.  

After the little one is down for the night, I get a few more work things finished and then John and I watch a show or two before calling it a day. 

And that’s it.  Long and full but loving every second. 



Life Lately

by Lauren on May 15, 2016

Life lately has been pretty great.  Sure busy, but altogether our family is just content and trying to live in each moment. 

If we were being honest with each other, I would tell you that before lately, I was having some internal struggles with patience.  There were so many different opportunities and desires that I had swirling around my head that I couldn’t make sense of it all.  I started to get overwhelmed thinking, “what if I make the wrong decision?” or “why can’t I have what I want on MY time?”.  And after some serious soul searching, I realized that worry is just not worth it.  My life, in this moment is beautiful.  I know there are changes for our family in the near future and I know our journey is going to take us somewhere wonderful, but for now, I’m trusting that God’s got it and I have to tell you, feeling that way takes a TON of pressure of me. 


What’s been up with us lately?  Well, let’s see….


The weather this spring has been bizarre!  We had incredibly warm days last month and then May has been pretty rotten with rain and below average temperatures.  Today it was only 55 degrees and downright COLD!  Like, cold as in people were wearing hats and gloves.  Yeah, not me!  I refuse to succumb to this madness! Anyways, on the nice days, we make sure we get out for plenty of outside play and walks that usually result in falls and then scrapped knees.  Boys will be boys. 


I got a new do for the summer and I love it!  I’m definitely all about wearing it shorter and blonder every summer. 


So much easier to maintain too!  So in the above photo you can see that I’m actually wearing something other than a target v-neck tee-shirt and fold over yoga pants and that’s because I actually GOT OUT for a girls night.  John had to work late and my mom took G for the night so I hit the town with a friend.  It was glorious! 

As busy as John and I have been with work, we were craving a good solid family day and thankfully, he had the day off today so we decided to make a short trip to Lancaster after church. 

We also just happened to walk right into a big street festival so that was tons of fun! 



A big reason for our trip though was so that we could check out Square One Coffee


John and I have been having loads of fun trying out new craft and speciality coffees lately.  Sure we pay more for the beans, but I will tell you what…it’s beyond worth it!  Coffee has become so much more an art, kind of like craft beer anymore, so the more you invest in your cup of joe, the more you will appreciate the craft behind it. 

Anyways, it was amazing as we had heard.  We came back with a $17 12oz bag…worth it! 


Okay lastly, some food to share….


Sushi bowls have become a thing in our house and super easy to make! I make the brown rice ahead of time, roast some sweet potatoes, peel and slice cucumber, mix canned wild salmon (or tuna) with a little mayo and Siracha, add avocado and make a sesame ginger sauce to go all over top.  It’s delicious, you should try it! 


And then I made these but subbed tofu for the shrimp and mushrooms for the snap peas.  Easily one of the best Thai dishes I’ve ever made! 


Last but not least, carrot cake for the win!  This was a Mother’s Day present from the hubz and it won me over big time! Nothing beats Wegmans carrot cake…nothing! 

Well that is all I have for you for now.  Hope you all are soaking up spring and living in your moments! 


You Are Enough

May 9, 2016

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May 3, 2016

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Like a Box of Chocolates

April 25, 2016

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April 21, 2016

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Spring Things

April 18, 2016

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The Perfect Cup

April 12, 2016

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Dirty 30 In Chicago

April 11, 2016

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A Birthday Weekend Away in Chi-town

April 8, 2016

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