I’m Not Alone

by Lauren on September 21, 2011

So apparently, I am not alone.  So many of you shared your similar feelings on doctors and drugs from my last post.  There was some really good conversation sparked so if you get a chance, read through some of the comments.  You all have some really great input and I thank you for sharing that.

I’m going in tomorrow for some blood work and tests so hopefully I will get the chance to speak to the doctor but one thing is for sure, I’m going to make my intentions very clear.  I feel that too many people don’t take enough initiative in voicing their own opinion or concerns with their doctors.  We place so much trust in their diagnosis and that it is 100% correct but we rarely seek another opinion or venture to figure things out on our own.  If I’ve learned anything over the past several years it is that the ONLY person that knows your body best is YOU.  I’ve been to a few doctors who pulled out their laptops as I was describing my symptoms and web md’d them.  No joke!  I’m pretty sure I am capable of going a google search myself thank you very much.

Not to say that this is the case with all doctors.  Again, I want to make that clear.  I fully believe that there are many wonderful wonderful people in the medical field but they are the minority unfortunately, or at least from my experiences.  I’ll keep holding on to hope though….I always do. 🙂

So moving along….

I’ve noticed for the past few weeks that many people are playing this WIAW game. (What I ate Wednesday)  Since I usually document “what I ate, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday”  I guess it’s pretty ordinary for me, but still fun to play along.


1/4 C raw oats, white peach, raspberries, peach chobani, almond butter, chia, granola

I can definitely tell that summer fruits are on the out.  Still not bad per say but just not the same as they were even a week ago.

I also came to a realization while eating this.  Today, Allie mentioned that she prefers yellow peaches to white and I think I agree but I definitely like white nectarines over yellow ones.  The irony?


Greek Salad with a Veggie Burger from Juice n' Java

I had a lunch meeting with a coworker today but we decided to take our meals to go and just head back to my house for a working lunch.

Smoothie: Strawberry, Banana, Pineapple


<<<Picture of an Apple inserted here>>>


It’s been awhile since I’ve put together a good BFD meal.  Heck, it’s been awhile since I’ve been home on a week night to cook a real meal for that matter.

Egg white omelet with spinach, sun dried tomatoes, broccoli and feta

Panera cherry vanilla bagel with cream cheese and cherry jam

Hot dang these bagels are amazing!  Toly and I snatched a few when we went for lunch a few days ago and I’ve waited all week for them.

Well, that concludes my WIAW.  Wait, that’s a lie.  I will definitely be eating something before bed….probably a bowl of fruit as I usually do but I guess it won’t be documented.  Hmmm, I’m already failing at this game….


Name the BEST thing you ate today – mine would have to be that bagel.  Do yourself a huge favor and go get one asap!  They are a limited time flavor so hurry before it’s too late. 


25 thoughts on “I’m Not Alone”

  1. EricA says:

    Let me know how it goes! Im always here for you!!!! I really want you to make my breakfasts 🙂 insert picture of apple-haha-cracks me up. I tried a new to me veggie burger from tjs today that i really liked

    1. Lauren says:

      Thanks girl. 🙂 Is it the TJ’s brand? I’ve always wanted to try those.

  2. Hmmm, how about best thing I drank? Peets large non-fat decaf vanilla latte –> iced! Because it was 89 here in Cali!

    1. Lauren says:

      JEALOUS!!! I miss Cali so much! 🙂

  3. alison says:

    i definitely prefer

  4. alison says:

    i definitely prefer yellow peaches and white nectarines! yum! i can’t wait for summer fruits (its spring here in Aust) and i’ve been salivating over your yummy breakfasts!

    1. Lauren says:

      Ah, so jealous you have summer on your horizon!! I want ours to come back!

  5. ohhh breakfast for dinner is my favorite and that bagel sounds superb! i had a baked yam tonight with dinner and I know it is nothing fancy but i havent had one for a while and it was absolutely delicious! I also had my very first honeycrisp of the season dipped in some chobani! amazing amazing snack 🙂
    Good luck at the doctor girl!

    1. Lauren says:

      Thanks CJ! PS- You must try these bagels girl. The smell alone is worth it.

      1. hmmm perhaps a meet up at panera 🙂

  6. jennyV says:

    Best thing I ate today: a delicious vegan peanut butter cookie a la Whole Foods Bakery! Crispy edge, chewy center…

    1. Lauren says:

      Oh, those are the best!!!

  7. The best thing I am ABOUT to eat is a deep chocolate vitamuffin topped with pb, jam, and m&m’s!

  8. Hope all goes well with your appointment! 🙂 I totally agree with what you said. It seems that many people are so intimidated by doctor’s but we all need to remember we are their customers! Being treated as anything less than is not acceptable!

    The best thing I ate today was probably the pumpkin oatmeal I made for dinner after yoga! I love breakfast any time of the day! lol.

  9. I hope everything goes well with your appointment! I love to have breakfast for dinner… pumpkin oats last night? Yes please 🙂

    1. Lauren says:

      I’m having pumpkin oats right now! Yum!!

  10. Alicia F. says:

    I was just at Panera the other day and I saw that bagel…it sounded yummy but I opted for the Pumpkin muffie instead! I’ll have to try it soon! Good luck with your appt! Hope all goes well!

  11. That omelet looks so incredible – and I’ve never heard of those bagels but now I really want one!

  12. cherry vanilla bagel? mmm i haven’t been to panera since i moved!

  13. Cherry vanilla bagel sounds amazing! Looks like a trip to Panera is in order! 🙂 Good luck at the doctor!

  14. Alyse says:

    I’ve never had a good white peach. They are always hard, which may not be peach’s fault but the grocery store’s…

    I had a spectacular roasted garlic hummus, bell pepper sandwich yesterday. It was so good that I’m on day three of eating one for lunch. Don’t mess with a good thing. 🙂

  15. All these eats look soo good! 🙂

  16. I’ll just name the best thing I’ve eaten so far this week – a vegan pork slaw sandwich I ordered for dinner last night. It. Was. Goooooood.

  17. “I like not only to be loved, but also to be told I am loved.” ~ George Eliot

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