3 Things I am Loving Right Now

by Lauren on October 10, 2011

The extra long weekend was just what I needed to refresh my body and mind.  I feel rested, organized and ready to get through the rest of this month.

Even though we’re nearly two weeks into it, I thought I would share a few things that I’ve been really into this month.

3 Things I am Loving Right Now


3. Essie Nail Polish

I have always been an OPI girl, but recently, I found a coupon for the Essie brand and decided to try it.  Truthfully, I always thought the colors were kind of boring and never understood the price for what seemed like such a simple bottle of polish.

Well let me tell you, with the first swipe, I was hooked.  This polish is like magic.  It glides on beautifully and I honestly get that salon manicure look even when I do it myself.  Usually, my manicures are pretty pathetic and chip within hours, but the Essie polish lasts for an entire week or more.

Excuse my cuticles.  They have seen better days.

2. The Civil Wars

Oh my do I love this band.  I honestly don’t think there is a single song I’ve heard by them that I don’t like.  Lately, I’ve really been into this song in particular.

Poison and Wine

*Fun fact: This band got its name to fame when this song was featured in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. 

1.  Pumpkin Soy Mistos 

Ugh, I think I dove into the pumpkin craze way too early because once I start, I can’t stop.  These little babies make my entire day but at the same time, make my wallet a little lighter.

Since today was Columbus Day, both Toly and I had the day off work.

This would explain why the lighting in my breakfast bowl is actually decent.


I was feeling yogurt this morning.

Chobani Raspberry, 1/4 C Dry Oats, Raspberries, White Nectarine, Chia, Sunflower Nut Butter, Granola

Even though we were happy to be off, it was still a somber morning as we had a funereal to attend of a dear family friend.  As sad as it was, I was so proud of my dad for officiating the service.  The woman who passed was like a second mom to him and he was grieving himself but still supported the family and honored her by delivering a beautiful message.

Afterwards, Toly asked if we could go out to lunch.  I wasn’t expecting an impromptu lunch date, thus I didn’t come prepared with my camera but it was a lovely time and meal.

I had some errands to run later this afternoon and Toly had some things to take care of around the house.  By the time we regrouped it was dinnertime.

With the warm weather coming to a close, we decided to take advantage of one more chance for grilling and outdoor dining.


I purchased a new brand of veggie burgers at the store yesterday.  It was Wegmans brand and I’ve been eyeing them for months now.  I finally decided to grab a box when I saw them on sale this weekend.

The burger was a combination of chic peas, sunflower seeds, tahini, and artichoke hearts. I prepared the toppings of hummus, mashed avocado, and a sun dried tomato, olive, feta relish. It was scrumptious!

I enjoyed my burger with a side of baked sweet potato fries.  A perfect way to end our season of grilling.

Back to work tomorrow but it should be a quick week.


What is one thing you are loving this month? 

18 thoughts on “3 Things I am Loving Right Now”

  1. Alaina says:

    Since reading your blog, I’ve been ordering Misto’s with pumpkin and they are the best! Much less sweeter than the latte’s but still that great pumpkin taste. 🙂

    1. Lauren says:

      Oh I know! I can’t drink latte’s because they are way too sweet to begin with and add that pumpkin syrup and it’s a bit over the top for my liking. But the misto is perfect! Glad you enjoy them.

  2. EricA says:

    Um yup – total pumpkin soy misto addict here too! Bahhhh! Sorry to hear about the loss :(. Yayy for a new tasty veg burger!!

  3. Love Essie nail polish! Such cute colours 😀

  4. For the pumpkin soy misto, do you just sak them for a pump of the pumpkin syrup in it? I’m intrigued!

    1. Lauren says:

      Yep, exactly. I usually do one pump pumpkin per tall two for a grande but if I’m feeling extra exciting, I will add an extra pump of the SF carmel. It’s delightful! The lattes are just a little too sweet for me and not enough of the coffee taste. I feel like I’m drinking flavored hot milk when I drink a latte but the misto is the perfect balance.

  5. Tia says:

    I’ve really caught the running bug this month which is weird cause it’s starting to get cold here, you’d like I’d be lazier than ever! I’ve never tried a Pumpkin Misto, but I’ve had the pumpkin spice latte’s and they are very delicious! Have a great week missy, I love your blog 🙂

  6. pumpkin misto looks good, i must try when i come to the US! your veggie burgers look the best. I used to make them from scratch but havent made one in aaaages!

  7. Oooh the misto sounds good! I’ve never tried one before, so I’ll have to soon!

    As far as what I’m loving… I feel so lame but I have to say pumpkin! 🙂 I’m actually really loving Dunkin’ Donuts pumpkin coffee even more than Starbucks!

  8. cute nail polish! and im loving pumpkin spice lattes but I make them at home. If I didnt I’d be…broke! Came up with my own lil recipe a few weeks ago and have saved$ a small fortune since. lol

    Glad to hear the wegman’s brand worked for you!

  9. I like mistos, but I haven’t tried a flavored one yet. Thanks for the idea!

  10. I love my soy misto’s and I saw that you added pumpkin to yours a while ago, now after seeing it again, I need to try it. Actually, I just got to work and it’s coffee break time already, heading there now. lol

  11. glidingcalm says:

    mmmmmm! i havent had anything pumpkin at the bux yet, but sounds tasty!!

    and I sort of like Essie, except mine always chips, althought I bought a top coat nail polish called Seche Vite which makes everything perfectttttttttttt, so I bet with that I’d be all good.

    listening to that song now, it is beautiful.

    happy tuesday, Lauren! 😀

  12. i am loving roasted root veggies. butternut squash, rutabaga, acorn squash, pumpkin… roasted with some olive oil and salt. yum!

    my sbux drink of choice is a non fat pumpkin spice misto! i love the pumpkin flavor but find pumpkin spice lattes to be just a little too sweet.

  13. Sorry for the loss of your family friend.

    I am loving roasted vegetables, can’t get enough of them right now!

  14. lauren says:

    I go back and forth loving/disliking the pumpkin, but I keep trying! At sbux, I love getting an Iced coffee with soy and 1 pump of mocha…it is so good!

    1. Lauren says:

      I was getting the coconut mocha iced coffee in the summer. Soo soo good!

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