Something I {NEDA} to Say

by Lauren on February 28, 2012

I'm sure that many of you have heard that this week is NEDA (National Eating Disorder Awareness) week and I'd like to take a few moments to express something to you all on the importance of this campaign.  Something that I don't usually talk about on the blog is my past battle with an eating disorder.  There really isn't a direct reason as to why I don't mention it often, I'm not trying to hide it nor am I ashamed of anything I did or went through.  I honestly just never wanted the focus of this blog to be about disordered eating…I want it to be about healthy living in every aspect.  

That being said, part of being able to live free and healthy is to share some of my past experiences with you so that I can in some way serve as a testament to those who might be currently struggling.  If you want to hear the entire story in detail, feel free to check out this post, but in a nutshell, there was a time in my life when I was in a very bad place with food.  I let it control me, I let it bring me down, I almost let it ruin my life.  I've learned a lot about recovery through my journey but the one thing that I will always hold with me is that recovery is something you will live with every single day.  At first, it becomes all about you and focusing on doing the things that will make you better, but over time, you start to think less about yourself and more about helping others who are in the same place that you once were. In a way, you feel obligated because people that suffer from an ED can really only relate to each other.  Sure, friends, family, and doctors will lend their emotional and medical support, but unless you've been through the illness, you never truly understand the root of the disease.  

Even if you haven't experienced an eating disorder, it's a safe bet to assume that you know someone that has.  This week is not about trying to "heal" anorexic girls…it's about taking a moment to stop the judgment and support those that are hurting by simply saying you care.  You don't have to understand or try to relate, you just have to realize that those who are suffering deserve the same exact life that anyone else does.  I urge you all to take a moment this week and tell someone who may be suffering from any pain, whether that be an eating disorder, an addiction, an illness or even an emotional hardship, that you love them.  From my experience all anyone who is going through an ED wants to hear is that they are accepted and loved for who they are.  And to be honest, whether you are fat or skinny, tall or short, black or white…I think that is all anyone wants to hear. 


Today was definitely productive to say the least.  You know that to-do list I kept putting off….well, I busted through the whole thing and then some today.  I'm not sure where the incredible burst of motivation came from, but I wasn't going to question it. 


There was a time when I used to eat waffles for breakfast.  For the past year, I've neglected my beloved frozen waffles and I don't really have a legit reason as to why I would do such things.  After seeing the beautiful waffle creations Cait posts, I was suddenly convinced that my waffle mornings needed to be incorporated back into my life. 

2 Kashi 7 Grain Waffles, 1/2 cup plain Chobani mixed with cinnamon and chia, 1/2 banana, blueberries, sunflower seed butter

Waffles…welcome back! 

These were delicious but a few hours later, I remembered why I don't usually eat them every day for breakfast. 

I was hungry a lot sooner than I normally am from my oatmeal or cereal bowls.  I think next time I may try adding some protein powder to the yogurt for just a bit more stability in fullness. 

With the said breakfast, I decided to take an early lunch. 


Kale, spaghetti squash, roasted broccoli, turkey meatballs, sprouts, nooch, hummus and tahini 

I love having these turkey meatballs on hand for such a filling lunch.  I also roasted up a worthy amount of spaghetti squash on Sunday night in order to have these leftovers this week. 

An early lunch also meant I was able to get back to the office to finish up loads of work this afternoon.  I was on a roll. 

When I got home I started to feel hunger come on again and real honest to goodness hunger.  I could hear my stomach rumbling.  Maybe it wasn't the waffles, maybe I am just overly ravenous today? 

Either way, I started working on dinner shortly after I heard my stomach talking. 


Romaine lettuce, roasted squash and asparagus, edamame, goat cheese, roasted grapes, pan seared Tilapia, goat cheese, roasted almonds

The roasted grapes were completely impulsive but entirely worth it.  I saw a few recipes using roasted grapes this week, but I think it was Anne that gave the initial idea.  She doesn't lie, roasting them makes a delicious take on this fruit.  All I did was slice them in half and throw them in the same pan with the asparagus. 


For dessert?  I'll more than likely be enjoying this little jem

Hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday! 

Did you know it was NEDA week?  Have you done anything to show someone that you care? 




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