My Busiest Day Of The Week

by Lauren on March 1, 2012


And Happy March to you all.  It appears that the theme of the day is to welcome this month with open arms.  Many people seem to hate the month of February (me included), probably because it always feels like the end of a very long and dull winter.  March just has so much potential for warm weather, longer days, fro yo returns, and open-toed shoes.  Yes, March you are welcomed but please don't stay too long because April is my favorite month.  smiley

My Thursday's are always incredibly busy because I start working at 4:00am and cease to stop until I go to bed.  I teach RPM at the gym on Thursdays, and while I absolutely love every part of this, waking up and getting myself out the door at the ungodly hour of 4:30am is never an easy task.  

I have no trouble waking up early to workout in my basement.  All I have to do is thrown on some workout clothes and stumble downstairs while I zone out to Gossip Girl.  It requires little thinking, no primping or much effort.  But since I'm going out in public, I do at least attempt to look somewhat presentable on Thursdays. 

Still half asleep as you can see.  Here is my ritual….my alarm goes off at 4:10am.  I stumble out of bed, put on my workout clothes, put in my contacts, pull my hair up, throw on a little mascara, head downstairs, fill my water bottle, eat 1/2 a banana and a shot of OJ. 

When I arrive at the gym at 4:45am (I like 2 miles from my gym), I get my room and bike set up, go the bathroom, and then spend 20-30 minutes on the elliptical while going over my music and choreo for the class.  Class begins at 5:30am and I'm out of the gym by 6:30am.

It's a busy morning to say the least.  When I get home from job 1, I rush to get showered and dressed for job 2.  Breakfast is usually taken with me because I always have department meetings to get to.



1/4 C Kashi Go Lean Crunch, 1/4 C Greek Yogurt, 1/4 C Cottage Cheese, 1/2 apple, strawberries, 1 tsp chia, 1 tsp sunflower butter, walnuts

The cheesecake filling made an appearance for breakfast today and it was incredibly delicious!  I meant to add protein powder but completely forgot but surprisingly, didn't need it at all.  This little bowl kept me full for hours and hours.  

Perhaps I was far too busy today to really think much about lunch though.  I spent most of my morning and afternoon running around and I didn't really want to stop the momentum so I just grabbed lunch at a nearby Panera once I started to feel hunger hit. 


 Fuji Apple Chicken Salad (my favorite) 

I currently have 69024802 projects going on so I'm desperately trying to keep my composure until I can get a handle on everything.  So many of these projects are very exciting and I'm thrilled to tell you about them…but that will have to wait just a little bit longer.  Sorry to tease….I just like to keep you all guessing.  wink

Dinner tonight was a toss up between taco salads or a quinoa dish.  I couldn't decide so I had both. 


ground tempeh, zucchini, quinoa, black beans, tomatoes, corn salsa, guac, yogurt, sriracha 

My brain is officially fried for the rest of the night.  It's time to clock out for the day. 


Are you most productive in the morning or evening? 

Want to see what I was up to last weekend?  I just wrote about it here


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