Working For The Break

by Lauren on March 19, 2012

I hope you all enjoyed your Monday.  I started things off this week rather rushed but that's okay.  I have quite a bit to get done before I leave on Friday for Boston for the weekend and I'd rather be super productive and watch this week fly than sit back and wait for it to crawl. 

I bought myself two new cereals for the week and couldn't decide which one to start with this morning.  I did the most sensible thing and had both.


Kashi Cinnamon Heart to Heart, Kashi Go Lean Cinnamon Crunch (NEW), Banana, Blackberries, Flax, Sunbutter, Almond Milk 

The new Kashi Cinnamon Go Lean Crunch is fantastic.  It's different than the regular Go Lean Crunch, a little softer but loaded with burst of cinnamon which I love. 

I can't get over how beautiful the roses I picked up from the farmers market are.  Definitely the best $10 I've spent in awhile.  They act as the sun in my lackluster morning photos.


I did quite a bit of teaching this afternoon and traveling which wasn't a bad thing it just left me pretty tired.  Teachers, I seriously do not know how you do it every single day.  I'm beat from teaching just a few back-to-back sessions. 

One of my co-workers and I grabbed lunch in-between sessions. 


You may recognize him.  This is Bryce.  He likes cheese steaks.  He's pretty cool.  

Actually, Bryce is a very good friend of mine.  We usually try and grab lunch a few times a month to catch up since we both work out of the office for the most part. 

While Bryce feasted on his chicken cheese steak, I went with what my body was craving the most. 

Citrus Spinach Salmon Salad- Spinach, Mandrin Oranges, Slivered Almonds, Grilled Salmon 

I love this salad so much.  It's simple but perfect just the way it is. 

Apparently, someone else wanted you to see his lunch as well.  Toly came home during his lunch break (which is a rarity) and snuck in a shot of his eats. 

Cute. smiley

My day wrapped up with one little meeting and I was glad to be done.  I'm hoping to get most of my work accomplished this week without any little surprise.  It always seems that before I go away, something catastrophic comes up that makes me stress out before I leave.  


I originally thought I would be one my own for dinner but Toly called me later in the afternoon and told me his basketball game got canceled so I had my dinner partner back.  

I was just going to throw some weird combination together but since I was now cooking for two, I decided to make something pleasing for the both of us. 

I can't take full credit for this idea.  This lady inspired me when she posted her dinner pictures from last night. 

I first cooked some cubed squash in a pan until tender.  Then I added salt, pepper, and chili powder and mashed with the back of a fork.  I then took two taco sized tortillas, spread the squash mixture, topped with black beans and spinach and baked at 450* for 15 minutes.

These were fantastic but even better with the condiments added.


And with that, I called it a busy but good Monday.  I'm off to enjoy the rest of my night as I hope you are as well.


Do you get stressed before you go away with everything you want to accomplish before you leave? 


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