Haters Gonna Hate

by Lauren on May 11, 2012

Apparently, you all had quite a lot to say about shoes.  I had no idea the amount of controversy I would stir up from my last post and while most of you relate or agree, I have to relay a few final thoughts: 

  • I did not intend to bash the company.  Yes, I was upset.  Yes, I was angry at the way it was handled and not happy with the person I spoke with over the phone but I fully admitted it was my fault for not reading their terms and conditions. While I still believe it misleading (and many other people feel this way too based on the review sites I came across from this particular company) I wrote the post as a way to inform people of these type of sites that might not know, like myself.  I truly had NO idea that these companies operate like that.  Live and learn. 
  • This is my blog and thanks to the fifth amendment, I am entitled to post my own views and opinions. I realize the company didn't ask me to write a review; however, one of the underlying aspects of this site is honesty.  I was honest when I told you guys about the No Bull Burgers from the other night and the company in NO WAY gave them to me for free nor asked me to review them.  I bought them with my own money and told you all what I thought.  You can take it or leave it. 
  • And lastly, as far as the harsh accusations about my eating/portion sizes/body…..you are all free to judge and criticize which is why I leave the comments open for anyone but just remember it's a whole lot easier to assume those things from afar.  You see a very very small glimpse of my life.  I will say this again.  I do not post everything I eat, I do not intend to change your life by adhering to mine, and if you don't agree with the way I choose to live, please don't read.  Simple as that. 

As much as the negative comments sting, they are still nothing in comparison to the incredible support and love I get almost every single day from so many of you. (THANK YOU!)  So haters gonna hate but in the end, I will always stay true to who I am and promise you that.  

Now let's move on from this all and get ready for the weekend! 

It was a beautiful Friday here! 


Fruit just seemed necessary this morning. 

And necessary it was!  

I had an easy morning in the office and originally had lunch plans with a friend but she had to cancel last minute.  Luckily, my co-worker and good friend was free so I talked him into being my replacement. 

I of course enticed him with fro-yo which did the trick. 

First, we got salads. 


Panera Fuji Apple Chicken with a whole grain baguette (which I did not eat) and an Acia Berry Tea

Zach ordered the same as we both agreed to make room for fro-yo and salads seemed to be the most sensible choice. 

Lunch was good but let's face it, what I really came for was this….


Coconut/Original Tart with strawberries, chocolate shavings, coconut and almonds. Oh and one little brownie chunk that found its way into the cup.  The girl at the register said the rice krispy treats were a new addition and threw one in my bowl as a free sample. I actually wasn't a fan.  The texture just threw me off as it got hard and chewy in the cool ice cream. 

This was Zach's first time with fro-yo and he was hooked after one bite.  I think I've mentioned this but the whole self serve frozen yogurt concept is new to our neighborhood.  Most people have never even heard of this so it's sort of a big deal around here. 

After lunch, I had a few meetings and then called it a day with my trainer.  Totally spent after tonight's total body workout.  It went a little something like this….

  • Leg Press
  • Leg Extensions
  • Leg Curl 
  • Walking Lunches

Repeat 3 x

  • Underhand barbell pull down x 3
  • Assisted chin-ups x 3
  • Rows (on TRX bands) x 3 
  • Rows with squats
  • Rows with one leg squats (each side) 
  • Chest Press x 4

I've been meeting with my trainer for the past few months and some of you have asked about progress.  Well I don't really have a before picture, but here is the now. 


I'm definitely noticing a difference in my shoulders, triceps, and traps.  The abs are there but I don't think I'll ever be one of those girls with a six pack.  That would mean I would have to give up my beloved fro-yo and wine and that is just something I'm not willing to do for a washboard stomach.  

Every time I finish with a hardcore strength workout, I crave protein so meat was on the menu tonight. 


Apple Turkey Burgers with Honey Dijon Sauce (homemade), sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts.  

This was such an incredible dinner. 

Although I think tonight was one of those rare occasions that Toly's looked better than mine. 

Well that wraps up this Friday.  I wish you all a fantastic weekend!  Tomorrow I am teaching spin in the morning and then taking my mom out for mothers day.  We're spending the day with Toly's mom on Sunday.  It going to be a weekend honoring those lovely ladies which is just how it should be. 


Weekend Playlist: 

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