Summer 2012: My Best One Yet

by Lauren on June 11, 2012

Well after such an incredible weekend, I thought I would be feeling a little down today knowing that it was Monday and the festivities had come to an end.

But to my surprise, this Monday turned out to give me even more reasons to celebrate life!

I am seriously having the most amazing summer guys!  I don’t even know what I did to deserve all of these fantastic opportunities but I am soaking up every blessed moment.  There are so many wonderful friends I get to see, places I get to experience, events I get to indulge in and tons of fun things planned right up until fall.

I never want this summer to end!!

Okay, rant over…time for some food.


After a little indulgence this weekend and a few too many drinks, my body was craving clean food today.  I contemplated a yogurt bowl but actually started thinking about cereal and almond milk and then got it stuck in my head.  I think my stomach was still craving the carbs to soak up some of the alcohol from the weekend. :)

  • Natures Path Multigrain Flakes
  • Strawberries/Blackberries/Banana
  • Almond Milk
  • Almond Butter drizzle
  • Chia
  • and a little pinch of raw oats (I love this texture in cereal)
The grapefruit wasn’t the best but still refreshing.
Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t hammered all weekend, but I definitely enjoyed myself with one or two more adult beverages than I normally would on a given weekend.  Sorry I’m not sorry.


I had a lunch meeting today but my client went to the bathroom when the food came out so I was able to snap a picture without being spotted.

I ordered a Greek salad with grilled chicken and it was very tasty.  Sometimes, you’re not sure what you’ll get with salads but this one was filled with fresh vegetables and vibrant color.  I loved every bite.


Later in the afternoon, I snacked on what has now become my new favorite bar.

I haven’t been able to find the new Luna Fiber bars yet but I spotted them in NY this weekend and grabbed a box of the Peanut Butter Strawberry.  It’s good…really good!


In my effort to pump myself with nutrients today, I opted for one of the most nutritious and delicious foods (in my mind at least) for dinner.

I always feel incredible when I eat salmon from the inside out.

I’ve been buying organic salmon for the past few months but I’ve also been completely misinterpreting it in my recent posts.  Some of you noticed I’ve been calling this “Wild” Organic Salmon when in fact organic salmon can not be wild.  Since it’s organic, it is raised in a controlled environment but unlike farm raised, the environment is sustained and free of hormones, chemicals, etc.

The organic salmon is by far the best we’ve bought.  It’s a little fattier than most salmon but it only makes it more delicious.

Along with this grilled fish, I made a strawberry peach wheat berry salad with fresh basil and goat cheese.

The salad was really simple….

  • 1/2 c wheat berries (cooked)
  • small peach (diced)
  • 4 strawberries (sliced)
  • 2 T orange juice
  • 1 tsp dijon
  • 2 tsp honey
  • fresh basil
  • fresh mint
  • salt and pepper
I just whisked  the orange juice, dijon, honey, herbs, salt and pepper in a small bowl and then added it to the wheat berries and fruit.  Lastly, I topped it with goat cheese and served it all over a bed of spinach.
What a delicious summer meal.
As good as this summer is, I’m starting to feel like I’m running out of hours in my day to get everything accomplished.  I’m thinking I need to do a major re-priortizing pretty soon to make sure I am staying focused on the important things. The last thing I would want to do is let myself get too overwhelmed and have to miss out on something exciting.
Hoping you all had a wonderful day!
What is one thing you have planned this summer that you are looking forward to? 
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