My Health Goals: What Exercise Looks Like Now

by Lauren on August 28, 2012

Good Morning!

Thank you all for your kind comments on my TV appearance. I’m hoping to get the clip to show you guys soon.

I need to start this post with a confession.  Uh oh, here we go! 🙂

Now don’t worry, I’m not about to bring down your beautiful Tuesday morning with any negative interventions on my life but there is something that I do need to admit that many of you have probably caught on to in the past few months.

I’ve been running again.

If you remember, last fall I came clean and expressed that I had been overdoing it on the running and thought that it may have been the cause of some female problems I was experiencing. I backed off for a few months and underwent some treatment for a small condition (nothing to worry about).

Since then, life got a little crazy and after stopping my treatments, I began to find myself back into running as a way to relieve stress and focus on something other than what was going on.

So even though I found myself back to the sport that I loved so passionately, I looked at it in a whole new way.  I was no longer running every day just because it was all I knew.  I was learning to appreciate my body more and realize its potential in other areas of endurance.  I began working with a trainer to put less focus on cardio and more on strength.  I sought out other forms of exercise and developed a whole new appreciation for yoga!

So where am I now you ask?

Good question.  I guess I don’t have a definitive answer for you other than I’m happy with the balance I’m embracing.  I still run a few days a week, I teach RPM two days a week, I lift or take Body Pump 2 days a week, and have committed myself to a yoga class once a week.  Overall, my body is being transformed in ways I never knew was possible and I’m truly happy with the results.

Now this is where I am at right now.  It’s not going to stay like this forever as I know I have a long road ahead of me and at one point, I’ll need to begin treatment again.  During that time, my workout routines will change and I’m going to have to be okay with that.  Our bodies are not meant to be in a constant form of extreme motion ALL OF THE TIME and I honestly know and feel that it’s so good to take extended breaks.  Sometimes that break may be a week, other times it’s a month or two and maybe it’s even longer, but the point is, it’s different for everyone and for every stage of life.  Everyone has a goal that they are working towards in their own health and you just have to realize and accept that these goals are entirely different for each person.

What I’m trying to say is don’t compare yourself.  Just because one person is running 30 miles a week or has become a CrossFit junkie (no offense to my CrossFit lovers you know I love you dearly) it doesn’t mean that this type of routine is right for you at this point in your life.  Your health should be your ultimate goal always.  So find out what that means for you and go for it.

Okay, I’m glad I could address that now let’s move on to lighter things like dinner last night.

Both Toly and I got home rather late last night and we were too excited to see the news clip than to think about dinner.  After it aired, we decided to celebrate by going out to dinner at one of our favorite spots right down the road, Cafe Magnolia.


I swear I have ordered other things and Cafe Mag does have quite an impressive and elaborate menu but I seem to always crave this perfect salad.  Baby spinach, mandarin orange, dried cranberries, roasted almonds and goat cheese.  I add a piece of grilled salmon because let’s face it, what could be better right?

Breakfast this morning stared a freshly opened jar of Sunflower Seed Butter.  Does anyone else find pure joy in opening up a new jar of nut butter and giving it a stir?  Okay next confession, who licks the knife? <Guilty!

I’m out of Trader Joe’s Sunbutter but the MaraNatha is my second favorite.



  • Quaker Oatmeal Squares
  • Natures Path Multigrain Flax Plus Flakes
  • Strawberries/Banana
  • Chia
  • Sunbutter
  • Almond Milk
I am loving strawberries and banana in my cereal lately.
Now that we’ve gotten through breakfast, I guess that means it’s appropriate to talk about dessert.

Remember this? Want the recipe?

I just posted it on the NAG blog.  You’re welcome! 🙂

Okay friends, time to get moving.  Have a fabulous day!


What is your health goal?  Do you ever find yourself comparing your fitness goals to others without really taking into effective your personal account? 

Tip of the day:

Have you ever bought peaches that weren’t quite ripe?  A great way to speed up the ripening process is to place an overripe banana with the stone fruit.  The banana releases a gas called ethylene that causes other fruits to accelerate their acids and ripe faster.


28 thoughts on “My Health Goals: What Exercise Looks Like Now”

  1. I thought only apples sped up other fruits’ ripening. Good to know. 🙂

  2. Beautifully written post. I find myself comparing my fitness goals + abilities with others to much and it’s never beneficial. I have to keep in mind my fitness routine should be reasonable and realistic … I tend to overdo it as well and have had female issues in the past because of it. Off to check out your Peach recipe!

  3. can’t wait to check out that granola recipe! I love sun butter too! Thank you for sharing your exercise routine! It is great that you are listening to your body and taking care of yourself as you need!

  4. Rachel says:

    Great post, I’m currently trying to cut back on my own running due to female problems. I need to figure out a plan that works 🙂 Right now I’ve been loving Pilates lately 😀

  5. I think it’s so easy to compare ourselves to others, whether in the health and fitness realm or in life in general. No matter the reason, it’s never really healthy and it never really gets you anywhere except into a bad mood.

  6. I hope your condition is okay now. :/ It’s easy to get into comparison, but I’m currently just not even going there. I know that I have a serious illness and my health goals aren’t about fitness in the traditional sense right now.

    I totally lick the knife! Best part!

  7. Lizzie says:

    I admire your confidence and knowledge towards your own personal life and fitness. It is almost inevitable to compare yourself to others, especially at a gym. I have learned (even though I still catch myself doing it) that everybody has there reason for things and that just because you see one thing, there is always another side of the story… good or bad. Caring for our own unique bodies is amazing. 🙂 living and learning, of course..

  8. Looks like we are on the same wavelength. 😉

    Your plan sounds a lot like mine. I now run only 3 days per week since I recognize it’s best for my body, 2 spin classes, 2-3 days of lifting, and 1 yoga. It’s perfect for me…and glad you found something that is right for you, too.

  9. Thank you for posting the link to the recipe! It looks really simple and DELICIOUS! Perfect!

  10. Ashley says:

    Thank you SO much for that peach ripening trick! I’ve had some beauties I bought this weekend sitting on the counter waiting for them to ripen and I’m chomping at the bit to eat them! I’ll definitely be putting them next to my bananas when I get home!

  11. You really do have some delicious looking eating establishments around you! Lebanon had to get hip to that because ours are just terrible!!!
    I think this post has a very important message and I am thankful you posted it. A lot of people really look up to you and so I know this information will go a long way 🙂

  12. Julie says:

    I do a mix of cardio, Body Pump, & yoga during the week, too, and am loving it! I think the variety is very good for your body. I read another blog post this a.m. about exercising in moderation for overall health. Must be the topic of the day! 🙂

    I’m also guilty of licking the knife. 🙂 Wouldn’t want it to go to waste!

  13. Glad you found a workout “routine” that’s working for you! I’d probably run more often if I had your “basement gym”! 🙂

  14. Anne says:

    Yayyyy!!! Hearing anyone is running or (back to running) makes me so happy! Can’t wait for this silly stress fracture to heal so I can be back at it with you.

    I am the opposite with PB, I hate how messy it is in the begenning but secretly love when it gets clumpy at the end (despite how hard it is to spread).

  15. Thanks for the tip about the peaches! I have a tray of under-ripe peaches sitting in my fridge & recently purchased a bunch of bananas. Hopefully this will speed up the ripening process!

  16. Ashley G says:

    I have never seen that about peaches!! That is SOOO cool! I am going to get some and try this out. Thank you for always sharing such wonderful ideas. 🙂

    1. Lauren says:

      My pleasure! 😉

  17. Katy says:

    Great tip with the peaches!

  18. Bill Haam says:

    How good topic dude you have shared in this website..!! Actually this article and fruits menu really more helpful for a good health. I think that it will play a vital role to your health goals. Thanks and keep it up…

    handling a break up

  19. Anonymous says:

    Okay, I’m just curious as I’m new to your blog and watched your news clip:

    #1 – what makes you a “health consultant”? I notice in your about me section your degree is in humanities and you work in a credit union.
    #2 – what kid do you know would eat a quinoa salad?????
    #3 – would you really want to pack a mason jar in your kids lunch pail? Not only could it break but…… it heavy. (By the way, nice piggy back off of the article that was just in Clean Eating regarding using mason jars).

    Not only that, but even your treadmill workout, I think I read that somewhere else recently. Is it really a coincidence? How do I get paid to regurgitate someone else’s ideas?

  20. Lora says:

    This post is ridiculous.
    If you don’t think that people can see right through this BS, you are sadly mistaken.

    It’s blatantly obvious that the only reason you wrote this post is because you are emaciated and people bothered you about it at HLS.

    “I promise this restaurant actually serves real food, but ill just get a salad LIKE ALWAYS and continue to workout way too much LIKE ALWAYS, yet I’ll call myself a ~HEALTHY~ food blogger LIKE ALWAYS.”


    1. Anonymous says:

      I think I like Lora!

      I agree with the emaciated part! How about some muscle tone shall we?

      But my issue is that she churns things she reads elsewhere. And to be called a health consultant is bogus.


      1. Kristen says:

        I think you guys are both being really mean and attacking her. She could look different in person, but I don’t think she looks emaciated in the pictures she post. She has admitted that she has a problem and is now seeking help. How is it constructive or helpful for you to post mean comments on her blog?

  21. I am quite curious about your cereal bowls. In the past, I’ve never found cereal to be that filling. But your snacks seem small (compared to some). How much cereal/chia/nutbutter and such do you put in these bowls to make them last so long in your tummy?

    1. Lauren says:

      I always use a cereal that has at least 5 grams of fiber per serving and usually use two different kinds. Then, I bulk up my cereal bowl by adding nut butter (usually 1 tablespoon), chia or flax (around 2 teaspoons) and some kind of nut or granola on top. I also add a lot of fruit (like a banana and berries). They definitely do keep me full and satisfied for hours but I fully attribute that to all of the add-in’s and not just the cereal.

      1. Okay! Two cereals? Do you have a full serving of both? For instance, if a serving size of one box is 3/4 of a cup while the other is half of a cup how do you establish how much you plan to use of each?

        Ps- I love your blog! Your insights and recipes have helped me grow a lot.


        1. Lauren says:

          Yep, usually around 1/2 – 3/4 cup of each. For example, I usually use Nature’s Path Multi-Grain Flax Plus Flakes (around 3/4 cup) and then choose a more calorie dense cereal like Kashi Go Lean Crunch or Quaker Oatmeal Squares and have about 1/2 cup of that.

          Thanks so much for your sweet comments! I’m so glad you are finding it helpful. 🙂

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