The Evolvement Of My Exercise: Finding My Own Happiness in Fitness

by Lauren on October 29, 2012

Hey everyone!

Still safe and sound here in South Central PA.  Fortunately, we haven’t lost power just yet but the numbers are rising by the minute so time will only tell.  We are being told the worst will occur overnight and into tomorrow morning so I’m guessing I may wake up tomorrow to a nice cold and dark house.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a recipe post to share with you tonight since I haven’t been able to salvage any kind of reasonable lighting for the past few days but I do want to share a topic that has been on my mind for quite some time now.

I recently ran into an old friend at the gym who has just had a baby a few weeks ago.  Attempting to get back into her pre-baby body, she expressed to me that her life is just so different now that she has a completely different focus.  She once only cared about making sure to make her early morning workouts and now she is more concerned with waking up to spend every second with her little guy before she has to go back to work.

With my current position as a wellness coach, I’m often faced with older clients who are trying to rehab from a surgery or attempting to gain strength back from a condition they have suffered.  My heart breaks when they realize that they are no where near the place they used to be and lifting 10 pounds is all their bodies will allow.  It’s mostly the men, but I am told over and over again, “I used to be able to do much more,” or “I never thought I would get to this point.”

Why am I telling you all of this?  Well because I’ve had a major realization on some of my own health and fitness goals.  I am not the same person I was 5 years ago.  Heck, I’m not the same person I was just 1 year ago so with that, my mind, body and soul has changed.

7 years ago, I began my fitness journey doing nothing but Billy Blanks Tae Bo and the elliptical trainer.  5 years ago, I fell in love with running and did nothing but run for 2 years straight.  3 years ago, I joined a gym and started to get involved in strength classes such as body pump. 2 years ago, I realized I had a deep passion for not only taking RPM but teaching it as well.  1 year ago, I sought out the help of a personal trainer to help build muscle and focus on strengthening my body. Today, I’m trying to find a good balance of it all.

Being a part of the fitness industry, you see so many different workout crazes come and go.  I’m not advocating that one program is better than the other and I think too many people waste their time criticizing others for what they choose or what they choose not to do.

Here is the thing, exercise should be a selfish thing. You should do it for you and you alone.  One thing I tell my clients when we are coming up with workout plans is to look at their gym time as a time for themselves.  No matter what they decide to do that day, enjoy the thought that you are doing it because you know it makes your body and mind feel nourished and strong.

There are so many times when I see what others are doing in terms of fitness (ie. running marathons, training for triathlons, going hardcore into Crossfit) and think, I should probably be doing these things too.  But if I truly stepped back and thought about it, those things wouldn’t make me happy.  Right now, my goal is to be healthy, happy and fit and I’m going to continue to do the things that bring me to this place.

Teaching RPM makes me happy. 

Running 5K’s and fun races with friends makes me happy. 

Getting stronger with TRX and body strength training makes me happy. 


Drinking wine makes me happy. 

Okay not really fitness related, but you get the point.

All of these things make me happy and in turn, contribute to my overall health and fitness goals.  Right now in my life, I may not be training for a monumental race or signing up for any fitness competitions, but I’m doing the things my time and body allow and I’m ultimately happy with the way I look and feel.

Next year could be different.  I could be running more, I could be teaching more, or I could be doing none of these things and focusing on resting more.  Really, I’m not sure where I will be but I know I will always choose to do what I know is right for me and my body.

No matter where you are at in your fitness and health journey, I urge you all to take a step back and ask yourself, are you really happy doing what you are doing right now?  Is it best for you and your body alone?  Don’t ever let anyone tell you how you should look or feel and just trust that your own vision of health is the right one.


How have your fitness goals changed over the past 5 years?

What are some things you choose to do for exercise more because they make you happy than because you think you’ll get fit?

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