Therafit: A 12 Hour Shoe For a 12 Hour Day- Review and Giveaway

by Lauren on December 10, 2012

A few weeks ago, I received a fun little package containing, what has become, my new favorite footwear.

Inside, were a pair of brand new Therafit shoes, waiting for me to break them in.

I wrote on my initial thoughts of these shoes when I first received them; however, since then, I’ve had the opportunity to really get some good use out of them, which now leads me to tell you how I really feel.

Just a quick background on the concept behind these kicks:

Therafit shoes were developed by Dr. Lisa Masterson, co-host from the television hit series, Doctors, after she recognized that women are on their feet constantly and for most of that time, they are running around in shoes not conducive to this lifestyle.  She wanted to create a shoe that was not only affordable and comfortable, but one that women would actually want to wear. The main concept behind Therafit is simple, the 12 hour shoe for the 12 hour day.

It’s been about a month, and I can honestly say that I’ve had the chance to test them out in most conditions.  In the winter, I do most of my running on the treadmill so that was the first place I put them to use.  I also should mention that when I run, I prefer a shoe with a lot of stability, particularly in the heel. I suffer from calf tightness and knee problems, and I’ve found that the root of this issue comes from improper shoes.  I’ve tried to go for a minimalist approach in running shoes, but it only led me to injury.

The Therafit shoes were ideal for running, due to the significant focus of shock absorption in the heel itself.  I ran with comfort and ease and felt no pain what-so-ever following my run.

Aside from working out, I’ve also been wearing them during everyday activities and errands.  When I see clients at the gym, I’m constantly on my feet and these shoes provided maximum comfort for hours.

So really, what sets these sneakers apart than any other durable, shock absorbent, comfortable shoe?

Therafit is unlike any other shoe on the market right now due to its Personalized Comfort System (PCS) that is built right into the shoe itself.

It’s better for me to show you this first hand rather than try and explain it…..

(Please excuse the less than desirable appearance.  This was the first time in 3 days that I felt well enough to shower, so it’s not my proudest moment)

Now, a few exciting things to share with you:

  1. Therafit is hosting a Twitter Chat this Wednesday, 12/12/12 at 12 PM EST.  To find out more about this campaign, who else is getting involved, and a chance to win your own pair, make sure you follow Therafit and tune in on Wednesday, #therafit.
  2. Because Therafit is built on the concepts of comfort, customer, community and charity, it puts a high focus on giving back.  That is why every purchase, Therafit will donate $1 in their One Step Forward Campaign.  As a special offer to my readers, they have graciously offered a special coupon code that results in $5 off your purchase PLUS, they will donate an additional $5 to the St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  Just use the code TherafitLP at checkout and your discount will be applied.
  3. One last thing. Because there is always an opportunity for one of YOU to try out your very own pair, Therafit has offered to give away one pair of their shoes to one reader.


Simply leave a comment on this post with which shoe from their athletic line that you would most like to try. (Click HERE to see the full line)

Entries will be accepted until Friday, December 14th where one winner will be selected. 


Disclaimer: FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign.  All opinions are my own.


97 thoughts on “Therafit: A 12 Hour Shoe For a 12 Hour Day- Review and Giveaway”

  1. Darbi says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Deborah – red. I’ve never tried this brand and would love to use them to help motivate me at the gym

  3. Stephanie says:


  4. SRoberts says:

    deborah black/pink- how cute

  5. amye says:

    the red ones!

  6. Veronica says:

    I like the Deborah – Red!

  7. anna says:

    Deborah – silver/blue

  8. Erika says:

    I’m always looking for “better” shoes and trying different brands. I really like the appearance of the Athletic Deborah in Red.

    Hopefully you are done with cold and flu season now!

  9. Nikki says:

    I’m kind of in love with the red ones! So cute! And I have done the SAME THING with minimalist shoes — thought that they would prevent shin splints, but instead my heals and feet are shot! Back to my stable Mizunos!

  10. Lauren says:

    Deborah in red 🙂

  11. Anonymous says:

    Every product descriptions says they’re a great walking shoe. I’m a little gun shy that they would hold up to a run. I’ve had knee and tendon issues. What are your thoughts?

  12. Kristin says:

    Love the Deborah in pink!! Super cute!!

  13. Jill says:

    Deborah in Pink! Love!

  14. I would go for the Deborah (maybe red or pink). It sounds like we have very similar issues (?) with running in terms of knee problems and calf cramps, so I would hope that since those shoes worked for you, they’d work for me too!

  15. Hilary says:

    I like the Deborah – red shoes!

  16. Jessica Daly says:

    Love these! The Deborah Pink is defiantly the one I’d chose!

  17. Tessa says:

    I would absolutely choose the Deborah Pink!

  18. Amanda says:

    Such cute athletic shoes. I’m an avid runner and I’m always looking for stylish shoes that still provide me with the support I need for the amount of miles I put in during the week. It looks like you may have found a perfect blend of both! 🙂

    I’d love to sport the “Deborah Black/Pink” shoes!

  19. Emily says:

    the deborah in pink!

  20. I gotta say I like the DEBORAH red! Look super comfortable and has such a unique style

  21. tiffany says:

    i’d go with the deborah in red!

  22. Ali says:

    What an awesome giveaway!
    I would love to try the Deborah in Red.

  23. sunshine91 says:

    Deborah- black and white! 🙂
    Thank you! 🙂

  24. tempesst says:

    the deborah in red!

  25. Jamie says:

    I would love to try the Deborah in pink!! Would be great to have an all-around comfy shoe that you can personalize!

  26. Jessie says:

    The Deborah – Red!

  27. Addison says:

    The Deborah in pink! I love these shoes and it’s awesome that they support a good cause!

  28. Sandra says:

    The Deborah-Red. Those are super cute!

  29. Tasha says:

    Would love to try the Deborah in white. Always looking for a great shoe to support me during my long days at the gym! Thanks!

  30. kristin says:

    what an awesome shoe – i like the the deborah black/pink or the deborah red

  31. Larissa says:

    I can 1000% relate to the tight calves and knee problems. In fact, my tight calves has lead to a bigger circulation–type problem to my feet. (Apparently, the muscle get’s tight enough that the nerves get cut off). Compression gear and a LOT of stretching helps some, but I have a feeling this will be an long–term problem for me.

    With that said, I would LOVE to try this shoe! I like the Deborah – Red ones the best.

    Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!!

  32. Kristin says:

    Deborah pink!

  33. Carri says:

    Deborah pink/black…would LOVE to try these!

  34. Elise Maahs says:

    I am in desparate need of new runnign shoes – my Reeebok RunTones have holes in the soles. Every time I order a new pair I am not please and have had to return. Please make my day with an early Chrsitmas present. I love the Deborah in black/white and am a size 5.5 so would take a size 6 per the site’s recommendation.

  35. These shoes sound amazing. I’d like the red ones : )

  36. Anonymous says:

    i LOVE the deborah red! i run cross country at my high school and i have suffered from shin splints and tendonitis in my ankles and knees for forever. i haven’t been able to find a pair of shoes that gives me the support i need that are actually cute, so i have GOT to get my hands on a pair of these!

    1. Catherine says:

      oh! and this is catherine!

  37. Stephanie says:

    Love the black and white Deborah. So cute!

  38. Karen B says:

    I would love the Deborah in Red!!

  39. Kristine says:

    The Deborah-black and white! I am on my feet ALL day.

  40. Emelia says:

    I would love the Deborah in black and pink. I joined a gym a few weeks ago and started with walking but now am training to run and am about 5 days in. I have heard that shoes make such a difference when running ESP on a treadmill. I am glad you came back to give another review on these and I’d be so happy if I won them! Thanks Lauren!

  41. Emily says:

    Love the Deborah Black/White!

  42. Katie says:

    The black/pink athletic deborah style!! So cute seem like they would be super comfortable especially being on my feet most of the day watching kids from our home!! And my feet have seemed sore lately !

  43. Alex Fagan says:

    I love the Deborah in Black/Pink!!!

  44. Kate says:

    I’d love to try the Deborah in silver…awesome!!!

  45. Priscilla P says:

    I’d love to try deborah in red 🙂

  46. I would love the Deborah in black and pink…I’ve become more comfortable in brightly colored shoes but not enough to go for all the all-out pink yet 🙂

  47. Lily says:

    I’m looking for new sneakers and undecided on which brand to buy. I would love to win the Therafit – Deborah in Pink!

  48. jcd says:

    i love debora pink and black!

  49. Danielle K says:

    I’d get the Deborah – pink

  50. Cori says:

    I love the Deborah in red!

  51. Ashley P says:

    Love the black/pink! So cute!

  52. I love the Deborah in pink! These shoes seem really cool!

  53. Laurel C says:

    I would love to have the Deborah in silver/blue!!

  54. Leah says:

    I like the hot pink as well!

  55. vanessa glynn says:

    I hope to win a pair, not for me, but for my mother. I find it fitting because her name is Deborah and I know she’d love the “Deborah black and white”. My mother literally works 10 hour days constantly on her feet, busting her butt. She’s the hardest working person I know. She broke her ankle a year ago and, of course, went back to work too early. She definitely could use a pair of shoes that could outlast her day and provide some comfort and support!!

  56. laura says:

    very cute! i like the deborah pink! why not wear pink shoes, right?! awesome giveaway! 🙂

  57. Rachel K says:

    I like the deborah in silver/blue!

  58. Valerie says:

    Deborah pink/black so cute

  59. Carly says:

    Deborah black/pink!

  60. Amy K says:

    Deborah Gray and Silver. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  61. Lisa says:

    I like the Renee Black.

  62. Samantha W says:

    Deborah in Red!

  63. Anita says:

    Deborah pink!

  64. Lauren M. says:

    I would love to try the silver/blue deborah shoes! So cute and they look very functional! I have the same problems with running as you (knee pain and tight calves) so it is very important to me to find a great shoe. Hoping to win!

  65. Wehaf says:

    Renee shoes in white!

  66. Melissa says:


  67. Amy says:

    deborah in pink/black-I’m dying for some fun sneakers!

  68. Floey says:

    deborah in pink!

  69. Angie says:

    Deborah – black/pink! Love these fun shoes!

  70. Lindsay says:

    I love the Deborah red! They look like a shoe that would keep my pregnant fret comfortable on long days!

  71. Denyne says:

    I like the Deborah, black and pink.

  72. rachel says:


  73. Victoria S. says:

    Deborah in Black and White…oh I need new running shoes so badly!

  74. DisneyBride says:

    I would wear the Deborah in Black and Pink. Too cute!

  75. Katie says:

    The Renee. I’m a waitress in bad need of new shoes!

  76. Pam says:

    Deborah black and pink.

  77. Meghan says:

    I like the Deborah in black/pink!

  78. Tiffany says:

    Deborah in pink! So cute 🙂

  79. Laura says:


  80. rob says:

    Deborah – Black/Pink

  81. Jennifer says:

    Love the Deborah-Pink. So cute!

  82. Jillian says:

    Deborah in PINK would be a great shoe for instructing BodyJam!!

  83. ashley says:


  84. Nikki says:

    Deborah in red

  85. Lisa says:

    Definitely Deborah red… great to know that it is more of a stability shoe.

  86. Wendy says:

    The Deborah – Black/Pink are SWEET!!!

  87. Jessica M says:

    I would love the Deborah Pink!

  88. Keri says:

    Deborah in pink!

  89. Meghan N says:

    Deborah in Red!

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