What I’m Loving… (Okay, Craving)

by Lauren on March 28, 2014

So I realize that these so called, “favorites” posts that I write aren’t really fair from here on out.  Usually, the process is, I relay a photo collage of products that I’m favoring at the time being.  Well, going through these photos on my phone, it dawned on me that these are just a few things that I’m craving for the week and I credit any craving I have these days to my  raging hormones, so I guess it’s more like what my prego self can’t stop obsessing over for the week.

Anyways, here it goes…



untitled (1 of 1)-4


Ugh, it’s back!  I spent the first 12 weeks of this pregnancy loathing even the slightest smell of coffee, and then I had my first cup this week and it was a beautiful reunion.  Before you get all, “caffeine and pregnancy is a big no,” let me assure you I am only having one cup a day, which my doctor said is absolutely fine.  I enjoy a warm freshly brewed cup when I get to work in the morning and it paves the way for a wonderful day.

Sticking with the beverages….


untitled (1 of 1)-6


I’ve had this craving from day 1 and it continues to be at the forefront.  I usually have a swig first thing before I hit the gym in the morning, and a small glass while I take my vitamins.  Vitamin C is great for the baby’s development so I’m totally okay with this one.


untitled (1 of 1)-5


I’ve always been a grapefruit fan, but certain things taste SO MUCH better to me now than they ever did.  Grapefruit is one of them.  I’ve been enjoying one most afternoons as a snack and I can’t get enough of them!




So, I had to admit this, but I believe I’ve fallen into the stereotypical ice cream obsessed pregnant lady.  I tried so hard to limit this to once a week, but John came home last night with this and I had to dig in.  Nights are still not the best time of day for me, but I swear, when I eat some fro-yo before bed it just feels so good!  It’s almost soothing in a way.  I figure, there is only a few times in your life when you have justification to eat ice cream every day and this is definitely one of those times.

Lastly, this isn’t really a craving, but I just had to share the pretty phenomenal dinner we had tonight.

untitled (1 of 1)-7


Butternut squash risottos with chicken apple sausage, brussels sprouts and goat cheese.  Amazing!

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and plans for an unforgettable weekend!


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