Some Days I’m On and Other Days I’m So So Not

by Lauren on February 8, 2017

You know how they say, “one baby feels like one, but two babies feels like one hundred.”  Well, shoot isn’t that the truth!

I swear somedays feel like I am just spinning aimlessly in a world of complete chaos. Like when the house is a disaster, I’m trying to feed a fussy baby, and the toddler is wreaking havoc, John usually comes home to me just crying my eyes out.



But then there are some days (few and far between) when the stars align and we seem to get in some kind of groove and I’m reminded why I love this (at times) impossible job of being a mom.


Okay, lets do a short catch up on life these days shall we?


Some of you have asked if I am still working and the answer is yes, but not as much.  I cut down significantly when Isaiah was born for a few reasons, but mainly because I was feeling so called to be way more involved in my kid’s lives.  I am not doing my marketing job up in Boston anymore, and as sad as it was to say goodbye to that gig, I knew the demand and travel were all just too much. I am still doing marketing part time for the gym and I will begin teaching again in a few weeks, but for now, that is it. It feels great to unload a lot off my plate and really be able to focus on being a mom right now.


I did an entire post on nutrition while breastfeeding and shared a lot of how I’m eating there, but a new addition to all of our lives is going completely gluten and dairy free.  There is a big underlying reason and I’ll share more on it later, but right now, it’s the right decision for our family.  Here are a few of my favorite recent eats…


The new Roasted Beet and Quinoa Salad from Panera is just to die for! Have you tried it yet?


Lunch is often quick in between getting Grayson’s food ready and feeding the baby, so this has been a trusty go to. Avocado Toast on GF bread with fried eggs in ghee.  Never ever fails!


This was dinner one night – Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quesadilla in a Brown Rice Tortilla with Roasted Broccoli and a few Blue Corn Chips with Avocado.


I’m back to working out regularly and so far, I’m feeling great! Since I start teaching again full time next month, I started slowing incorporating workouts back into my routine a few weeks ago.  At first, they were short and very simple and then I started to gradually tack on more time, or add weight and/or increase intensity and weight.  I’ve also taken a few full cycle classes to make sure I would be ready to teach my regular spin and RPM classes.  Everything feels great with the exception of jumping so I usually modify any kind of jumping exercise.


I really should do a new day in the life post soon because things certainly do change often around here. Truthfully, life has been hitting us hard but with that comes beauty and many many learning experiences.  I have so much to be grateful for and even though I could find a million reasons to feel angry or sad, I really and truly don’t.  I have such an optimistic feeling about everything right now and I think that all comes from the fact that I’m choosing JOY and HOPE over any negative thing that comes our way. It really has changed my entire outlook.  After all, I have these amazing little people who count on me to bring them happiness so if that’s not motivation enough, I’m not sure what is.




So tonight, I urge you, wherever you are in your life, whatever you are facing that seems impossible or daunting, remember there is so much peace in knowing you’re not alone in the storm.  And most of all, there is always beauty to be found even in the darkest of days.

Love to you all!


5 thoughts on “Some Days I’m On and Other Days I’m So So Not”

  1. Pamela says:

    Lauren, I feel like you need a hug! Sending you a virtual hug from another crazy busy woman (although not a mom, but in solidarity with you anyway!) and wishing you peace and happiness with your lovely family. Xoxo

    1. Lauren says:

      Aw, thanks Pamela. Hug received. 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    In case you’re not already familiar w/ it, Iowa Girl Eats is a great blog for finding quick & easy & delicious gluten-free recipes. I’ve been following her since before she was diagnosed w/ celiac disease & have always LOVED her recipes (gluten-free or not). Her son is allergic to dairy so she also posts lots of non-dairy options.

    1. Lauren says:

      Love Kristin! 🙂 Thanks Julie.

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