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by Lauren on February 9, 2017

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Never underestimate the force of the spoken word. Many things that are said can never be recalled again, as unimportant as they were to you, yet there are some phrases that stick with us for life. Inspiration can be found in the most unexpected of places, and if something you say or think of can provide that much-needed respite from what is going on around you then focus on quotes and use them as your life mantras. Here are the top four quotes to live by…

Water Off a Duck’s Back

The basic translation – don’t let anything bother you. Those more acquainted with RuPaul’s drag race will remember Jinkx Monsoon uttering these words to herself when receiving criticism or preparing for performances, and it’s a brilliant phrase to live by. Words can hold so much meaning, and people can be cruel – whether they intend to or not. We all take different things from what is being said to us or about us, but we shouldn’t let anything negatively affect us. Let the words roll over you like water off a duck’s back and move on.

This Too Shall Pass

This phrase is almost as old as time itself, but the sentiments have never changed. Used more commonly in relation to negative situations (although it can also be applied to positive, but that doesn’t bear thinking about), it means that the situation you are currently facing will be over and done with in no time. The negativity you are feeling will be but a distant memory soon enough, and not everything lasts forever – especially not emotional conditions. Bad day at work? Fallen out with your partner? Feel sad at the news? This too shall pass.

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Vows Made In Storm are Forgotten In Calm

When we are angry, the things that are promise to do to rectify the situation are often ill-founded and made in haste. We rarely follow through with them, but when we do the consequences can be an horrendous example of character. When you are starting to feel the anger rise inside of you, it can be better to focus your energy into something that will help dissipate these harsh feelings. Meditation can be a great way to keep your cool, and meditation beads can act as a fantastic way of channeling your feelings into an object and keep you focused; different examples and styles of these can be found at Meditative Wisdom. The vows that you made in your state of anger will be instantly forgotten in your new found state of calm.

One Day At A Time
You don’t have to take on everything all at once. Nobody does. Life is short, but the longest thing that you’ll ever do. Don’t overload yourself and stress yourself out more than you need to; you are not answerable to anybody but yourself in terms of managing your life. Only when it gets too much for you do you need to take a step back and assess how to get the best out of your situation. The best things are monitored one day at a time – think about how long it takes to grow a baby, for example. Some things just can’t be hurried.

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