Getting In Shape With A Baby In Tow

by Lauren on March 17, 2017

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It’s no secret that when you have a baby your body changes, which can leave you feeling less than happy with your new size and shape. Although changes to your figure are completely normal after having a baby, it’s natural to wish that you looked like you did before getting pregnant. The truth is that your body may never be exactly the same as it was before, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn to love your new figure.

The fact is that getting back in shape after giving birth can be difficult, especially if you’ve got a baby in tow, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. To help you start to get back to feeling good about your figure, below are some ideas for getting back in shape with a baby in tow. These are all ways of working out that you can do when you have your little one with you, so there’s no need to worry about booking a babysitter.

Do lots of walking


Walking really is one of the best forms of exercise and a great way to get in shape after having a baby. Get yourself a pram that’s got good suspension so that you can take it pretty much anywhere and start walking each day. Whether that’s walking into town, to the supermarket or just walking to walk, it doesn’t matter. Aim to spend at least an hour a day out and about walking, ideally at a fast pace, as the faster you walk, the more calories you will be burning. If you start walking on a daily basis, perhaps you could invest in a step counter so that you can track the amount of steps and milage you are doing each day.

Go to mother and baby yoga or pilates

For toning up in a gentle way, yoga and pilates are both a great option because the workouts that they offer are adaptable. This means that you only do as much as you can comfortably do and won’t end up pushing yourself too hard. As well as normal yoga and pilates, there are also mother and baby classes that you can attend with your baby in tow. If you’re nervous about trying out yoga for the first time, here are some easy beginner yoga poses to practice before you attend your first class. You can find similar poses for Pilates online on sites like Youtube, along with step by step instructions for each pose.

Do at home workouts


If you want to attend a workout class but it isn’t baby-friendly then perhaps you could consider doing at home workouts instead. While you could opt to buy an at-home workout DVD, there are plenty of free workouts that you can access on YouTube for free. From Zumba to aerobics, there are plenty of tutorials for working out at home while your little one naps or plays in their playpen.

Getting back into shape after giving birth can take time, but with hard work and dedication to working out, you can get back to looking and feeling great.

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