Frugal Fitness Tips for Moms

by Lauren on May 13, 2017

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Exercise is so important to help us stay fit and healthy. After all, it gets the blood pumping around the body and helps us to maintain a healthy weight. But while a lot of us would love to exercise more regularly, we struggle to find the time when we are a busy mom. After all, we spend 24/7 looking after our child. And it’s not just time-consuming; the cost of fitness can also put us off. After all, exercising can often cost more than our small family can afford. But for the sake of your health, you need to try and fit exercise into your life. In fact, here are some frugal fitness tips for moms to get fit for less.



Find free exercises

A lot of moms make the error of thinking they have to go to the gym to workout. After all, it might have been somewhere they used to go before kids. But as you know, the price of a monthly gym membership can be around $50 a month. And this is just a cost you can’t afford to spend after you have a child. However, even though the gym is expensive, it’s not the only way you can get some exercise in your life. There are lots of ways you can exercise for free in your everyday life. And the best thing about them is that you can take your little one along too. So you don’t have to worry about a babysitter like you would with a gym membership. For one thing, you might want to go for a walk in your local area. Put your little one in your pushchair and then walk for at least a mile or two. And walking for just 30 minutes a day can result in weight loss. It can also give you some much-needed energy so that you can feel ready to deal with the rest of the day with your baby. You might want to speed it up and go for a jog or run instead. Both of these can work those muscles and get your heart racing. And doing some exercises in your yard can also help you to lose weight. Even if it’s some lunges and squats, spending 10 minutes working out will ensure you are fit and healthy for longer. And in the comfort of your backyard, it will save you a few dollars too.


Follow exercises on your phone

While buying exercise DVDs can be handy to follow in your home, they can end up costing a small fortune. After all, if you get one which is fronted by a celeb, you can expect to pay a hefty fee when you buy it from the shop. And you might even find it’s not that good when you switch it on. Therefore, skip the cost and follow exercises on your phone instead. For one thing, you can find apps which you can download which have a ton of exercises that you can do in your living room. In fact, they often have example videos so that you do them properly to ensure you get fit. Just look online, and you should be able to find the best fitness apps you can follow. You can also watch Youtube videos which have whole exercise classes you can follow. And it can feel like you are in a real class when you are watching them in front of you! If you do these a couple of times a week, you are sure to have a good figure sooner rather than later.


Buy fitness clothes on sale

It’s likely you will need to get some good fitness clothes that you can wear when you are working out. After all, you need a breathable top and a pair of flexible leggings which will ensure you can workout in style. And you need a pair of trainers which will keep your feet protected while you exercise. After all, you don’t want to end up with blisters as you were wearing incorrect footwear to exercise. But while it’s a must to get hold of some exercising clothing, it can often leave moms feeling the pinch. After all, to ensure you get good clothing which is adequate for working out, it can cost you a small fortune. However, there are some ways to stock up without spending too much. For one thing, you should look in the sales for fitness wear. You are bound to find great clothing for a fraction of the original price. Also, you can hunt down some footwear which has been reduced too. Or you even could get some vouchers similar to Foot Locker coupons which will help you get some new trainers for a lower price. After all, you could end up with a high percentage off some good quality trainers. Therefore, it doesn’t end up having to cost you a small fortune to get some new items.


Get classes as a gift

A lot of moms like to go to exercise classes. After all, it gives you a chance to workout while following someone with experience. And it’s a fun way to meet other people who all want to exercise too. In fact, you might make some good new friends while at a fitness class. But while these classes can be great fun, they can be expensive. In fact, you could end up paying around $15 for an hour’s worth of aerobics. And it might not be a cost you can not afford to pay out for when you have a child to provide for. But it might not be essential that you have to go broke while attending classes. For one thing, you can ask for the classes as a gift when it’s time for your other half to buy you a birthday or even a mother’s day present. After all, a lot of classes are doing vouchers now that you can buy. So rather than wasting money on items you won’t use, get your loved one to buy vouchers for the classes. That way, you can go and get fit without spending a dollar!


And remember to buddy up with someone else to exercise. You will push each other, and it can inspire you to carry on; the same benefits of a personal trainer without the hefty price tag!

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