Auld lang syne: 2014 Reflection

December 31, 2014

The end of a year always seems so bittersweet.  On one hand, I’m happy to look ahead to another hopeful year full of infinite surprises and on the other, I’m slightly sad to say goodbye to what has been one truly life-changing year.  It’s funny, because I said that 2013 was life-changing for me, and [...]

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A Day in the Life

December 30, 2014

I’m back again with another “Day in the Life” post.  Everyone seems to love these (me included) so I thought I’d share a typical day in my life right now.  Not every day is the same, but yesterday was on the more routine side of things with not too much happening out of the ordinary. [...]

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Rodan + Fields Review and Giveaway

December 29, 2014

I have a confession to make.  I have never spent more than $10 for a face wash or skin treatment product, or at least, not that I can remember. I’ve been fortunate to have been blessed with decent skin. I never really had issues with acne or pimples, dry skin or any other problems.  I [...]

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Grayson Elliot: 3 Months

December 27, 2014

Here I am again with another Grayson update! I’ve seen a few bloggers do their baby updates as a letter to their child, and I just love that idea, so today I’m going to change things up and write this letter-style.  Here we go…. Dear Grayson, You are three months old!  How can I describe [...]

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Our Christmas This Year….

December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you are all still enjoying time with loved ones this holiday week.  We just got back from Connecticut last night and are spending our last two weeks here in Salem before we get ready to make our big move to Pennsylvania. Christmas this year was one of the best ones [...]

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How I’ll Have Healthy Holiday

December 22, 2014

Hi Guys! We are getting ready to head to Connecticut for the rest of the week and I’m planning on taking a little blog break to enjoy some time with the family, but before I sign off for a few days, I wanted to share one last thought with you on how I plan to [...]

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The Weekend: Mom’s Night Out!

December 21, 2014

This weekend was definitely the busiest we’ve had in quite some time, and aside from a few runny noses, it was all very much enjoyed. Friday, after going to a killer Stroller Strides class (hello 4 minute planks!), I came home very excited for a much needed hair appointment that afternoon. John was off and [...]

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Breastfeeding 101: Nursing in Public

December 18, 2014

Feeding a baby seems so simple right?  Babies eat at the same time every day, eat enough to be full, and know exactly what they are doing.  HA, wrong, very very wrong! When Grayson was born, I didn’t really know what to expect when it came to nursing.  All I knew is that I wanted [...]

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Twas the Week Before Christmas

December 15, 2014

Wow, talk about a holiday craze out there!  I always seem to forget how the week before Christmas is such a crazy one out in public.  The roads are a mess, the stores are crowded and finding a parking spot just about anywhere is a luck of the drawl.  We went out twice today and [...]

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Weekend Highlights

December 14, 2014

We had quite the “normal” family weekend for the first time, well ever.  John had off Saturday AND Sunday, which has happened a grand total of never in the time that I’ve known him (downfalls of working in the service industry).  And even though it really doesn’t matter all that much for me since I [...]

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