Why You and I Should Be Lifting More

March 23, 2016

Being a group fitness instructor is a great thing! I always tell people that it’s crucial to find what motivates you to workout and hang on to it, and for me, having the obligation to show up and inspire my class is one of the biggest motivators I could ask for.   Aside from getting paid […]

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How We Spend Our Day (Life of a Work-From-Home Mom)

March 16, 2016

Oh man, last week’s summer-like weather got me all anxious for warmer days.  This week has been quite the difference.  Cooler, rainy and overcast just about every day.  But I can’t complain too much…it’s been such a mild end to winter so I’m only hoping that means a warmer and pleasant spring is on the […]

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Why We STILL Aren’t Using OTC Medicine

March 15, 2016

The changing of seasons always brings many things…questions as to what shoes to wear (boots or sandals?), more daylight hours (yay!), and of course….sickness.   After I just got done saying that we’ve been very lucky that Grayson hasn’t or hardly ever gets sick, especially for being in multiple nurseries (gym, church, MOPS), he wakes […]

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Some Things

March 8, 2016

Here comes another random post.  A disconnected collection of things….of no particular importance or substance.  Just stuff.  First, this mug.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me post my love for this new beauty. I picked it up at Home Goods the other day, and it has been the anthem to […]

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New House Tour

March 3, 2016

Hello!  We made it through another move and surprising, we are all unpacked and settled in.  I joke a lot that John and I move so much that we have the system down!  If we waited to unpack any more than we did, we’d probably move again before we even opened half of our boxes. […]

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Loving Lately

February 26, 2016

Hey guys!   Remember me?  Yikes, it’s been way too long since I checked in here and I do apologize.  We are moving this weekend so my life is currently in shambles, boxes everywhere, no order, hardly any food in the house, and still running after that crazy little man of mine.   As annoying […]

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An Imperfect Day In the Life of a Working Mom

February 17, 2016

Someone said to me the other day, “it looks like you have it all together.”  As nice of a compliment as it sounded, I wanted to chuckle a little under my breath at their sincere lack of observation.  Me?  I’m sorry, was my exhaustion not showing?  Truth be told, I don’t have it all together. […]

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Twice the Love

February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day!   Whether you love or love to hate this holiday, I think we can all agree spreading a little more love on this world is always a good thing.  Lucky for me, I had two valentines this year…. And I got to spend ample time with each of them.  Yesterday, Grayson and […]

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Carrageenan: The Hidden Chemical and a Recipe for Homemade Almond Milk

February 9, 2016

Hey there! Happy Tuesday!  Only 20 more days left in this month, and I still have plenty keeping me busy, including the looming thought of having to pack up this house in a few weeks. UGH! It never gets easier.   So today, I want to touch on a hidden chemical that I’ve recently come […]

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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things….Lately

February 8, 2016

Helloooooo!  Sorry again for the delayed posting, but I can finally let you in on why I’ve been SO busy these days!  I told you a few weeks ago that I was contacted by a former boss of mine to do some contracted marketing work for a new business he was starting.  Well, it just […]

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