Family Photo Shoot

April 2, 2015

Hey guys! Wow, it’s been a few days.  Sorry about that, this week just got the best of me.  And with the upcoming holiday weekend, I can’t say I’ll be much better at posting over the weekend, but I promise to get back on track next week.  Easter is kind of a big deal in [...]

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Grayson Elliot: 6 Months

March 29, 2015

Oh my dear sweet baby boy, how has it been half a year since you took your first breath? These past six months have been some of the most rewarding, challenging, and ultimately wonderful moments of my life, and every single day you change on me.  Although I’ve been told this is when the fun [...]

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A Week of Meal Ideas

March 29, 2015

Hey guys!  Just popping in on this early Sunday morning to share some of our recent meals.  The little one had me up at the unfortunate hour of 5am and since he is sleeping away now, I’m working on my second cup of coffee and praying I get a nap at some point today. I’ve [...]

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Roasted Cauliflower, Mushroom, Kale and Goat Cheese Quiche with Quinoa Crust

March 26, 2015

I have been all about cauliflower lately.  I like it mashed, I like it turned into “rice”, I like it baked.  I’m not a big fan of it raw, but cooked cauliflower is ranking high on my veggie list these days. The other morning, I was looking for some cauliflower inspired recipes to make for [...]

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7 Random Things on a Wednesday

March 25, 2015

1. Grayson is six months old today!  That’s half of a year.  I’m dying inside a little over this.  I’ll have a full update on the little squealer later (probably next week) but all I can say is he is one happy, happy, happy little baby right now. It is THE BEST!   2. John [...]

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The Sleep Training Post: How We Got Our Baby to Actually Sleep

March 23, 2015

This post is all about sleep, particularly, how much or how little we are getting with a just shy of six month old baby.  So many of you have asked to share Grayson’s sleep routine and I’ve promised a detailed post.  Just as our sleep journey has been quite lengthy and involved, so is this [...]

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The Weekend (What We Did and What We Ate)

March 22, 2015

Our weekends are always so full of the good stuff.  Even when we don’t really have any plans, I can sit back on Sunday night and reminisce on how great the past two days were. Let’s rewind to Friday night. John got off work in time to give peanut his bath and put him to [...]

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What I’m Loving Lately

March 20, 2015

Happy Friday! Unfortunately, it’s not such a happy one here considering we are getting hit with a little snow storm.  Nothing like welcoming the first day of spring with a few inches of slush.  Ugh! Despite the crummy weather, I thought I’d bring a little light to today by sharing some things I’ve been really [...]

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A Day in the (Crazy) Life

March 19, 2015

Our days have definitely become way more involved than they were when G was younger, and we have finally hit the stage of making routine nap/eat times with him.  Up until this point, it was all about survival mode with the babe; just eating and sleeping on demand. But now that he’s (just about) 6 [...]

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Grilled Salmon with Grapefruit and Feta Salad

March 18, 2015

So a long long time ago, or what feels like an eternity ago, I used to blog recipes, particularly delicious salad recipes.  It was my thing. I loved getting creative on a bed of greens, photographing the masterpiece, editing, uploading and composing a recipe to share with you all.  Well, life changed significantly when the [...]

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