Like a Box of Chocolates

April 25, 2016

You remember that saying from Forrest Gump, “life is like a box of chocolates,” right?   Well you know what else is like a box of chocolates….toddlers!  You sincerely never know what you’re going to get by the minute.   Lets be honest here for a second.  This phase is incredibly rewarding in many ways. […]

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Things I’m Loving and One Thing I’m Really Hating

April 21, 2016

Hello, Hello!  It’s been quite a week friends.  Work has been busy, we’ve a few different appointments to rush to, and Grayson (we believe) he teething, once again!  Just when you think you’ve overcome the awful wrath of teething, you look into your toddlers mouth and realize that he still has a few gummy holes […]

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Spring Things

April 18, 2016

Hi Everyone,  Spring has sprung and we’ve been blessed for the past few days with the most amazing weather. The sun is shining, the skies are blue, and we’ve been spending as much time as we can getting dirty outside.  Grayson is all boy these days, wanting to explore every ounce of nature and all […]

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The Perfect Cup

April 12, 2016

This post is brought to you by Capresso My evolution with coffee has been quite the journey over the years.  I think it all started when I began working in a local coffee shop when I was in high school.  Making lattes and smoothies all day was seriously the best job for a 17 year-old like […]

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Dirty 30 In Chicago

April 11, 2016

Well we are home from our wonderful weekend away in Chicago.  And while being there made me miss that city so much, I’m also extremely happy to be back at home with my little love, where we belong.   I left off sharing a bit of what we did Friday afternoon, so let me just […]

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A Birthday Weekend Away in Chi-town

April 8, 2016

Hello from the Windy City!  John and I are in Chicago, our old stomping grounds, for the weekend to see some good friends and celebrate my 30th (on Sunday).  We decided on this trip months ago, and while the weather isn’t exactly the spring weekend we were hoping for, it really isn’t nearly as cold […]

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Day in the Life Post

March 31, 2016

Hi friends!  How has your week been?  It’s been BUSY here!  I’ve been swamped this week with so many work projects and preparing for a big event I have in Boston this weekend.  John and I are headed up north tomorrow morning. We are dropping Grayson off with John’s mom in Connecticut and then spending […]

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Easter in an Eggshell

March 28, 2016

Easter is always a special holiday for my family.  For as long as I can remember, we’ve celebrated in big ways; multiple egg hunts, coloring Easter eggs, big baskets filled with candy…you know, all of the iconic Easter traditions.  But fortunately, my family also instilled the real story of Easter and why we celebrate at […]

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Hopping Into the Easter Fun

March 26, 2016

This year, Grayson was just old enough to partake in his first Easter Egg Hunt.  Well, truthfully, he was still probably a bit young, but old enough to run around the backyard while I picked up all of his eggs.  My sister put together an adorable Easter Egg hunt at her house this afternoon for […]

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Picture Texts

March 23, 2016

Tina does this fun little segment on her blog where she shows pictures she has sent to people and explains the situation.  I don’t know why, but I love those posts!  So I’m borrowing her idea for a second and showing you a few photo texts I’ve recently sent.  Sent to: My Mom  Situation: My […]

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