30 Minute Circuit Workout

November 3, 2015

Hi!  How is the week treating you so far?  Hopefully, you are in this incredible warm-front we are experiencing here.  70 degrees in November is definitely not the norm around here but I’m certainly not complaining.  Grayson and I tried to spend a little time outside today, because well we go a little stir crazy […]

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Weekend Randomness

November 1, 2015

Hi guys!  I hope you had a great weekend! Just a few little things to share from this past weekend.  I went through my photos on my phone and have some pretty random pics, thus this post will be just that.  Friday, me and the little nut went out for a lunch date after our […]

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3PM Snack Time -Easy Cheesy (Vegan) Crackers Recipe

October 30, 2015

They say that establishing consistency with a toddler is essential and I’m beginning to see the truth in that statement.  Grayson and I do try and follow a routine to an extent, but most of our days are spent doing different things, thus nap time is never really set in stone.  That is my fault […]

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October 29, 2015

I say Treat because we had anything but tricks this year. Unless you count the 10 minutes it took me to find my keys this afternoon after a little someone (under 2 feet tall) decided to hide them.  Happy Halloween to me!  Tonight was Trick or Treat night in our town. For some reason, we […]

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Taming a Tantrum and What We Were Up to Today

October 27, 2015

Well our days here are certainly becoming anything less than adventurous!  Life with a toddler is…..an adventure to put it lightly.  We’ve hit the phase of random tantrums when he doesn’t get what he wants and I am trying to my very best to take each of these as an opportunity to learn and grow. […]

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Changing a Baby on the Move

October 27, 2015

Somewhere in-between the time Grayson learned to crawl and walk, we hit a major hiccup in an all too frequent daily task.  Changing his diaper has become a major ordeal lately, causing me to break out into a complete sweat.  A few weeks ago, I turned to my other mom friends on social media asking […]

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My Latest Stitch Fix Review

October 26, 2015

Have I told you how much I adore Stitch Fix yet?   Okay so I may have talked about it once or twice, but seriously, I’m hooked.  And honestly, it just keeps getting better.  I know this because I’m starting to keep more of the items rather than send them back.  Well played Stitch Fix, […]

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Halloween-palooza Weekend

October 25, 2015

Well it’s true what they say, the holidays are just so much more fun with kids.  Before we had Grayson, I was never a big fan of Halloween.  I understand people go crazy for this holiday, but dressing up and getting all spooked out was just never my thing.  But dressing up your kid and […]

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9 Wonderful Centerpiece Ideas for Your Dining Table

October 23, 2015

As we get further into the fall season, a variety of occasions and reasons to entertain will arrive. The holiday season often means an influx of guests in your home, and you want to ensure your space looks as beautiful as possible. It’s essential to have a striking centerpiece when you’re entertaining, so check out […]

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Our Day in Full

October 22, 2015

Hi Friends!  Whew, we’ve been having a busy but fantastic week.  Grayson broke some teeth last weekend so that means I get a content (for the most part) and well-rested toddler for a few days until the next set come in.  I swear we are ALWAYS teething here.  Anyways…… Allow me to take you through […]

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