What you Want + What my Tuesday Entailed

December 3, 2014

You guys are awesome! Thank you, thank you for all of your valuable input from my last post. It turns out, the majority of you that commented like to see my Daily Life posts.  Baby/Motherhood came in second.  So these are the posts that I currently have been doing and it seems like you are [...]

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Baby’s First Christmas + I Need Your Help

December 2, 2014

Hi there!  Happy December! I’m definitely looking forward to the Christmas season this year, even more so than previous years.  Having Grayson to enjoy the holidays with makes everything better.  Actually, he makes just about anything better.  We even did a bit of decorating to get into the spirit.   So it’s not much, but [...]

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A Second Helping

November 30, 2014

This past week has been filled with food, family and a whole lot of love! We spent the Thanksgiving holiday with John’s family and then my parents came to visit for the weekend.  I always say this, but when you don’t get to see your family too often, the time you do spend together is [...]

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November 28, 2014

Yesterday, I sat around a table set for 15 holding my husband’s hand while our beautiful little baby lay sleeping in my arms.  As the family gathered to pray before the meal, I took a deep breath and realized how full my heart is this year.  Life has gone through quite a few incredible ups [...]

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Grayson Elliot – 2 Months

November 25, 2014

Oh wow, we are at the 2 month mark!  So here is a question….when do you stop calling your baby a newborn?  When do they graduate into the next age group of what I believe would be baby, correct?  Either way, he is still my little guy and probably will be forever in my eyes [...]

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Fun Facts (About Me)

November 24, 2014

I’ve seen this little survey (if that’s what you call it) floating around the blog world lately and found myself enjoying the results from some of my favorite bloggers.  So when Tina tagged me last week to complete it myself, I thought, why not.  After all, it is Monday and what a better way to [...]

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Weekend Highlights

November 23, 2014

Hey Hey! We had a great weekend over here.  Nothing was on our agenda and we made plans as we went, which was very nice. After Grayson had a little bit of a rough night on Friday (we think he was still feeling a little sore from his shots), he woke up much happier the [...]

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Back On The “Sauce”

November 19, 2014

It’s 8:30 PM and I just laid my beautiful little babe down for the night.  He has been such a joy these past few days and I’ve been having a blast hanging out with him.  Our favorite time of the day is most definitely bath time. Please ignore the fact that he is flipping you [...]

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Growing Up and Growing Out

November 17, 2014

Hey guys.  Happy Monday! It’s a cold rainy day here in Boston and since Grayson is refusing to take daytime naps unless he is out and about in his car seat, we decided to plant ourselves in Starbucks for a few hours while he sleeps and I get some work done.  For some reason, this [...]

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Some Weekend Things

November 16, 2014

Hello! Has your area been swept with this awful arctic blast like most of the country?  Even though it isn’t as bad here as it is in most place (thank goodness we don’t live in Chicago this winter again), I still feel like we were completely gipped out of fall.  Oh well, really nothing compares [...]

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