October 3, 2014

John went back to work yesterday so it has been a little bit of an adjustment with just me and Grayson all day.  I was pretty bummed about it yesterday but it’s getting easier and I imagine we will adjust quickly. We still have a good system going for the nights where I will get [...]

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The Breastfeeding Post and a Giveaway

October 2, 2014

Well Grayson is one week old today!  Time really is going by all too fast and I find myself growing sad that he is getting bigger and growing up before my eyes.  On the other hand, watching his developments has been amazing.  I see his personality come through more and more and his features are [...]

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Mommyhood Series: A New Day in the Life – 24 hours with a Newborn

October 1, 2014

Well we survived almost a full week with the little peanut living outside my womb and to be honest, it isn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  Now, ask me this again next week and I very well could have an entirely different answer for you, but for the most part, we are [...]

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Grayson’s Birth Story

September 29, 2014

Thank you all so much for your kind words of congratulations on my big reveal.  That was the best news I could have ever shared on this blog! Well, Grayson is not even four days old and I’m already in such a deep infatuating love with this tiny human that I can’t comprehend my life [...]

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Welcome to my world…

September 28, 2014

On Thursday, September 25th at 8:03 pm, I became an entirely new person.   Welcome to my world Grayson Elliot Roy. I’ll be back soon with his full birthday story.  Until then, I’m off to soak up every single moment of him. Thank you everyone for your well wishes and congratulations!  John and I could [...]

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Baby Update: 39 Weeks + a False Alarm

September 22, 2014

*I’m posting this a day earlier than I normally would because I’m not sure where we will be this week in terms of posts.   Well just days away from my due date and everyone is on edge.  We had a false alarm on Friday night that brought us to the hospital on Saturday morning, [...]

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Friday Confessions

September 19, 2014

Hello friends and happy Friday!   With the weekend on the horizon as well as the promise of a brand new addition to our family, we are in a state of limbo these days.  Honestly, every day is a guessing game of “is today the day?”  We really don’t make any plans and try to [...]

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Baby Update: 38 Weeks

September 16, 2014

The best way to describe myself this past week has been an emotional roller coaster.  One moment, I’m relaxed, happy and feeling great, the next I burst out into tears feeling overwhelmed, anxious and completely unprepared.  It’s so so true what they say that the last few weeks of pregnancy are some of the hardest [...]

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Weekend Highlights + a Recipe + Weekly Menu

September 14, 2014

Hello! This past weekend was pretty uneventful and unlike last weekend where I deliberately took lots of pictures, I failed miserably this time around.  I only have a few photos of some delicious food, which I guess isn’t such a bad thing.  I’ll recap quickly….. Saturday We were pretty lethargic on Saturday morning but after [...]

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Loving Lately {9.12.14}

September 12, 2014

Hello and a very happy Friday to you! It’s been a pretty good week here and thankfully, my sinus infection is almost all cleared up so I’m looking forward to being healthy this weekend.  Although we have no plans, I’ll be enjoying some downtime, completing a few last minute nursery decorating tasks, running some errands, [...]

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